Thursday, January 14, 2010

Desert Pictures - Around the RV Park east of Tucson, Arizona

Quail! Prickly pear cacti, mesquite trees and brush.

Lots of Prickly Pear Cacti, and that one is OLD.  Plus you can see the shadows of the clouds on the mountains.  Many people use "Mountain Shadows" as part of the name of their clubs and other organizations.  It's easy to see why that is.  They are just plain pretty!

This scruffy bush is blooming tiny white blossoms. 
No rain from the clouds this time.  Rains means the washes might be running.  You don't want to be on the other side of the wash from where you want to be!  You'll be stuck until the water stops flowing, which may or may not be a long wait.  More than that, you don't want to be IN the wash when the rains come.  If you see a storm coming or sense it, head to higher ground, quick.

Almost the same view as above, but back a bit.

Bit more distant view.  Tried to not get so many bill boards and houses!  The park is near I 10 and several housing additions.  It still has such a feeling of space and peace, don't you agree.

This is the Cacti the Quail ran into when they saw me heading toward them.  There are rabits in there too, I know because I saw them yesterday.  I will tell you there are some other critters around as well.  It's likely there are sidewinders, and maybe a diamond back, quite a few lizzards as well as roadrunners, crows, wrens doves and mice. 

A close up of the quail.  They run instead of flying most of the time and the little plums on their heads bob up and down.  They make a trill of a sound.  My three year old grand daughter is good a monking them.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to Phoenix to visit my sister.  Hopefully the trip will result in more desert photos.  My sister and I plan to shop, eat and go to a movie, so tomorrow's post may only be a movie review!

Wishing everyone blue skies and rainbows!

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