Saturday, January 9, 2010

Doing What We Never Thought We'd Do

This is a New Mexico scene.  It's going up the road to Cloudcroft from Roswell, New Mexico.

Here we are.  Sitting in a pull along camper in Arizona.  Monday we will go to a seasonal camp ground.  We never thought we would be "Snow Birds"!  But that's exactly what we have become.  Oh my! 

After growing up in the east we moved to and lived in the warm and sunny southwest for almost thirty years.  We raised our children out here, but they all grew up and "flew" away.  (We have to admit me did move the nest a few times.  We went to Italy twice, three years at a time.  So we started the migrations.)  But when we were empty nesters, we flew the coop too, I guess you could say.

My husband retired, and we moved back east, not as far north as we started, but farther east!  And we stayed year round for a couple years.  Then, it happened; we had to come west, one of those little chicks of ours built her nest out here, and well, she laid an egg!  We love our funny little grand-chickie!  She cheeps the funniest cheeps and gives the best hugs of any little chickie ever!

This is our second year coming in a camper, and our third coming out.  Each year we stay longer.  It's especailly nice this year because we escaped lots of bad weather.  We feel a bit quilty we are anyway.  We feel better about it because that little chickie needs us to babysit while her parents are out getting those worms and sticks to build their nest.

And so, so far so good this year.  I haven't taken many pictures this trip, but I'm sure I'll catch up soon.  I do have some photos on my phone.  We'll see how they turn out.  They will likely be OK for the Internet, so I can share them later.

This should be interesting.  All those people in the camp ground we plan to go to, well they are OLD.  I'm not that old, I don't care what date in on my birth certificate!  My hair isn't even gray, of coures .... my husband's isn't either .... it's white!


Stay safe and warm everyone.  And be warned, you may end up doing something you NEVER thought you'd do!  Maybe you'll be a "snow bird"!


  1. Hi, Glad you made the trip OK. Thought you might have some bad weather to travel. We had some pretty wintery weather last month but it is a little better now. Just finished with radiation treatments yesterday. Now maybe I can get back to the normal activities. Take care. George W.

  2. Hey, you had a birthday! Happy (Belated) Birthday!
    We are thinking about you and praying.
    Thanks for the comment!