Saturday, January 30, 2010

End of January In the RV Park

Watching my grand daugther here in the camper is a challange, but it's easy to keep track of her!
These pictures were taken a few days ago.  She was getting the cold she has now.  That one eye was watering, but she didn't complain.  We played with "play" making things for her Mommie. 

Next are some scenes from around the RV Park and are from a couple of days.  You can see the view is surprisingly pretty.

This is just a storage shed and an extra pic-nic table, but they made me think of that TV commercial with all the photos of things that remind one of first frowning faces and then, like this, smiling faces!

And so life in the RV park goes on.  Free donuts on Wednesday, Bingo on Thursday, Free Coffee everyday except Sunday from 7 to 1, and lots of nice folks escaping the snow and cold of the east and north in our part of the world. 
I have things to do here in the camper as well.
Wishing everyone good health and a warm and fun Saturday and Sunday!

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