Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Weeks' Snow in Tucson's Mountains

     Snow on the mountains, a light ray beaming down thru the clouds. The mountains here are usually pretty but any western scene is enhanced by some clouds in the sky to contrast with the blue blue sky and to make interesting and beautiful shadows on the mountains! Snow like this on the mountains was really like icing on a cake! It was indeed a BEAUTIFUL morning after!  The snow has since begun to melt and it's warmed up down off the mountains as well.  The sun is shinning brilliantly and we are in shirt sleeves today!  A fantabulous time in the desert!
Update 1-27-10
     And there's supposed to be more snow up there today. They say they have 59 to 94 inces in the base! Skiers are very excited!
Update 1-28-10
     More snow and rain in Tucson deserts and mountains last night and today.

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