Thursday, January 14, 2010

Novice "Snow Birds" Find a Nest!

So, on Monday we paid for a month in an RV park east of Tucson.  It's nice enough, quiet, behind a very nice truck stop with a great restaurant and little gift and souvenir shop, which also sells books about Arizona and the desert.

On Tuesday we got out first invites to the scheduled activities at this park! As soon as the man passing them out left, my husband turned around and he had this stupid grin on his face and the paper in his hand. I had that same stupid grin on my face. We both burst out... laughing and said "we're OLD now!"

We even have other novice snow bird friends coming to visit Sunday night. I don't know what will happen next. We might become regulars at the Thursday night bingo, except we are babysitting our little grand daughter tonight and next Thursday night too.  Have my doubts anyone would be happy to see a 3 year old at their potluck and bingo night.  We did live in Arizona for many years.  We know most of the older people prefer not to be around little ones that much.  I can't imagine getting to that stage myself, but to each his own.

There are some friendly people and my husband has spoken to many more of them than I.  He is like that.  I am actually surprised he hasn't met most everyone in the park, because usually within a few days of our moving into a neighborhood he'll have met 95% of the neighbors!  If it were only me, I might never meet most of them.

My camera battery is charged and tomorrow I plan to post some desert pictures, and maybe some of the snow birds' nesting area.

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