Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wind Wind Blow Away! & Talking Talking Hard and Fast!

Today we are getting the winds from to big storm that's been in Southern California for the last few days.  It's a bit scary.  The camper kinda sways now and then.  We are happy the campers on either side of us are much larger than ours.  They make great wind breakers!  Some places in Arizona are getting tons of rain but for whatever reason where we are the rain has been minimal. 


Today a couple friends and I met to visit but we only had about an hour because one lady had a meeting.  The (great!) lady who had us at her home and fed us, on a beautifully laid out table, and even thanked God in her prayer for us being there, said "We gotta talk, fast and hard!"

I told her I loved that she made time, went to lots of trouble and still thanked God for us causing her so much bother.  This defines her, and her goodness.

It was a fun morning.  The food was wonderful.  A ham and egg keish and some very tasty coffee cake with fresh strawberries and blue berries. 

Did I say it was laid out beautifully? 

I have known this woman for many years and she is a wonderful cook.  I think she could cook anything she wanted to cook.  She made fig bars for us once!  So I complimented the food.  She grinned at me and said, "Thank you but don't ask me for the recipe.  Because if you did I'd have to tell you to get in your car and go down to Safeway!" 

Old friends together, eating, talking, and laughing loud.  One of the times that make life worth living.

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