Friday, April 30, 2010

Goals, Today's Word, April 30, 2010

Because I am writing in the morning before my day's really begun, my word is a beginning word, goals.

Today's goals are realitively simple.  I'm not planning to tackle my "Fragmented" list today.  Rather I have some everyday, ordinary things to do, which I'll skip writing about except to say, I'm making good progress so far.

My only goal outside the everyday, is to get outdoors to take some pictures before the rains come in tomorrow.  It's another beautiful sunny, mild day in the southeast and it is glorious - oh another good word for another day!

May you all meet or beat your goals for today!

The word for today is "Goals".

(All photos by Janet Toney, please request permission before 'borrowing' any photograph.)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Carefree, the Word for Today, April 29, 2010


Today we pretened we are carefree!

We did little to no work.

We drove to town, about a 50 mile round trip, just to mail an envelope for a class I'm taking.

Instead of coming home right after we decided to drive by the realtor's and pick up a real estate book.  Looking thru it, we decided it might be better if we drove around town looking at different neighborhoods.  The pictures in the book don't show anything but the particular house.  Some don't show more than the front of the house.  It was another beautiful day, so this was actually very pleasant, just wandering around the side streets of our small town.  But, some lady in a little blue car honked at us.  I guess she had somewhere to be!  We felt sorry for her. 

We ended up at our preacher's house, and spent about two and a half hours visiting.  The preacher has a workshop in his basement, so he showed us his latest projects.  He has made a model of a 1920s truck and has started another.  He also has a model of an old tractor nearly finished, as well as several other fascinating things!  The front of his truck and tractor were each from the same large mailbox!  He also had a little model of an old cannon, and was making a little bit larger cannon, with different sized old pipes he'd aged.  Like I said, fascinating (that might have been a good word for today).

We looked at all his handiwork and then he brought out a piece of wood, with a latice of carved grape leaves all around the edges.  It looks like it might have been a decorative piece on an old piano or organ. 

He actually just wanted to get rid of it, but he presented it to me, and said "Doesn't it just make you want to paint a picture in the middle here where it's just plain?"  Finally he said,  "If you want to paint on it you can have it, I don't need it back."  Funny. 

I took it anyway, because it's actually very pretty, and I just might paint something in the center.  If I do paint on it, and it looks nice, I'll hang the piece on the wall above my piano.

When their little three year old grandson needed to eat (it was five pm!) we stood up to leave and after he had eaten his spaghetti Os and had the red sauce all over his face, which was cute, we moved toward the car.  After his grandpa had washed his face in the hose and left the little guy quite happily watering the grass, we left them.
I'm not a willing cook, so we stopped on our way up the mountain and ate at "Ma and Pa's.

Now we are again in front of the tube, and this computer.

Oh, our littlest grandbaby is on the phone telling us about her day.  Ut-oh, there's the door bell, neighbors from up the road are here.  Great finish to a good day.  Thank you God, for some carefree time.

Today's word is Carefree!
(If your day today wasn't, I wish for you a day soon that is!!!)

Daisies and Wild Violets in the Mountains of East Tennessee

(All photos by Janet Toney, please request permission before 'borrowing' any photograph.)

The Word for April 28, 2010 - Omission



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FRAGMENTED - the Word for April 27th, 2010

I got this friend, and well she's always got some kinda project goin'.  An' more amazin' is she even manages to finish some of 'em.

Well, really, it's me. I always have several ideas for projects and most of the time two or more are started, and I actually do manage to finish some now and then.

(Warning, don't read the following if too much to do stresses you!)

Current Projects:
1.a quilt top my mother pieced is stacked with fiberfill and a backing, which is a great king sized sheet, and is waiting on me to pin and then tie it.  I don't quilt, I use good crochet thread and tie "quilts", which my mother taught me should actually be called "comforters" as they are generally thicker than quilts.
2. a room full of cloth and slightly used clothing to make into purses and bags also await.
3. as ever, my camera is at the ready, waiting to help me capture some of the beauty outside my door here in the southeastern USA.
4. various and sundry art supplies, my computer, scanner and printers sit, ready to be used for whatever idea comes for something colorful, and hopefully beautiful - not only paintings, but cards, book marks, magnets and whatever else I can think to make.
5. a story is nearly, ready to send to my writing instructor, and numerous books, articles and etc. are stacked by my favorite chair in the living room so I can read whenever I sit down to rest from some more strenuous activity.  (And the "dictionary" which surprised  me because it turned out it was an "English / Spanish" Dictionary was recently returned to the shelf and a "regular" Dictionary is now in the stack!)
6. a closet full of photographs and more photos stacked next to the computer, are waiting to be scanned, altered, edited, have type added and printed for special albums - or you could call 'em scrapbooks, for each of my three children - for Christmas? IF I'm organized enough to get THAT done! Some pictures I've rejected as not perfect enouhg, are from a project just finished, and are ready to be sent in the mail to my family.
7. an idea to cut off pants legs and shirt sleeves to make them more suitable for twearing in the desert southwest this fall.
8. determination of get my hair cut and permend.
9. list of people, and personal things I want to pray about everyday, at least once.
10. desire to read from the Holy Bible more often than I've done.

Craft/Guest room full of sewing, grand babies's framed art, quilt to tie, and etc.
Five foot by five foot storage cabinet full of cloth, sewing books and sewing notions.

All I can think of right now; probably more.

Recently Completed Projects:
1.a few of those family photos were scanned, altered, edited, had type added, printed and framed as a gift.
2. the metal table and chairs on my deck, seats stripped of old covering and recovered, and metal spray painted in a co-ordinating color, glass top cleaned and the runner washed and replaced on the table. (Talked hubby into painting a glider my father made years ago, and he also painted two rockers; all for the back deck.)
3. a small wildflower bed weeded, enriched with potting soil, seeded, AND the plants are popping up!
4. several little paintings by the littlest grand daughter matted, framed and ready to go back to her Mom in Arizona.
5. lots and lots of stuff sorted and placed in the "possible garage sale", "for the camper", "display" and "store" categories.
6. the camper cleaned out and many new and old items packed for our return out west.
7. rooms rearranged to accommodate my craft, art and writing supplies in an orderly manner, so when people come to see the house (it's for sale) it will look OK, and I can still work on whatever I'm inspired to.
8. six paintings displayed for sale in two real estate offices, and their places on my walls filled acceptably for "lookie Lous" to see.
9. new email addresses in anticipation of getting to sell the house, which meant changing this blog.
10. prayers being said before I sleep for sure if not other times.

Small sewing notions and bits of cloth organized and stored.
Bags made last fall all hung in one spot.
Framed "scrapbook" photos framed and ready to give.
The wildflowers just beginning to come up by our back deck.
The patio furniture all painted white.

See, FRAGMENTED.  My brain is cluttered and over active.  If I taxed my body the same way with exercise I'd be a size 2! 

And the fool proof indicator my fragmentation is threatening to actually split - the inside of my purse!  If everything is really, really, messy, I know ... it's time to stop and regroup!

The word for today is FRAGMENTED.

(All photos by Janet Toney, please request permission before 'borrowing' any photograph.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Word for Today, April 26th, 2010, Gloomy


Today's weather is cool, wet, not very bright and my mood for most of the day has been a match.

Beginning from the time I awoke this morning "gloomy" came to mind. My husband had places to go that didn't include me. The only items on my "to do list" were laundry, dishes and etc. which I do most every day. But, there's always something on the shopping list, so I decided to just go on down the mountain to town and get both of them! 

So,  after putting a load in the dishwasher, and one in the washer, I made myself presentable, took the old nail polish off my nails because it was bothering me, gave the dogie a few pats on the head and I was off down the road. I got to where the road starts down the mountain when it stuck me ... I might not have turned the curling iron off and I knew I didn't unplug it. It was too much for me. I had to turn around and go back to be sure.

The dog was very happy to see me back so soon and took up his spot right in front of me so I couldn't walk, his nose in my hand hoping I had a treat for him.  After a few pats he moved out of my way and I hurried inside.  The curling iron was off.  I wasn't sure if I was glad or just more irritated.  But, I unplugged it and went back out.  Patting the dog again I resumed my trip to town.

Rusty, yesterday, demonstrating what he does when I say sit.

It was, as it always is, beautiful outside and the drive lightened my mood significantly.  It wasn't long before I even forgave my husband for having things to do and called him on my cell.  His morning hadn't actually gone as he'd hoped and he sounded gloomy now.  That helped my mood, I'm ashamed to say, and so I asked if he'd like to meet for lunch.  He left 'where' up to me, as usual, and as usual, I picked someplace I knew he loved.

It was two hours before our lunch date.  Time to do the shopping.  It seemed a good idea to begin at "Big Lots".  Always a fun place to look around and for nice deals more often than not.  Today I found several great bargains.  A set of oh so cute flatware really tempted me.  Fun little circles were engraved on all the handles, making them look happy to me.  I could have used them in our camper this winter, but I talked myself out of them.  At the check out with the bargain I was unable to talk myself out of, I learned about and signed up for, their preferred customer program.  Spend $20.00 on each of three visits to the store and I'll get 20% off the next purchase!  That'll work.  And my mood was another shade lighter.

Just time enough before the lunch meeting to stop by a grocery store.  Found an apple pie (my husband would be appreciative) a roasted chicken that would make supper quick and easy and several other things we needed.  Thought about lunch out and an easy-to-make supper, and my gloomy mood was all but vanquished.
We met; we ate too much.  It was good, and cheap.  This place has three special entrees every day, each of which come with three veggies, bread and butter, a drink, and desert for $5.99!!!  Now I wasn't gloomy anymore, I was full and sleepy!

Gloomy .... defined, erased, and replaced.  Now, for that nap.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mental health thru art!

Mental health thru art!

I have it on good authority this program will be available in Yuma, Arizona very soon.

When I lived in Yuma I owned an art gallery and I'm proud to tell you I hosted art shows for the local mental health organization two years in a row.

The first show was for a group called NARSAD and the art was nothing less than spectacular! They took the show all over the USA. The show I hosted was the first in Arizona.

The second year the show was a photo display featuring mentally ill persons and their families. Their stories were included with the photographs. It was more educational then artistic, but very worthwhile.

"Google" NARSAD to see the art and find out how you can purchase it for your own enjoyment and also help a fine organization help some people with mental illiness.  There are blank greeting cards and other affordable art products to order from NARSAD.


Some of our plants.

We bought plants for several pots, and the bath tub! These between the rocks were planted a couple of years ago; finally they are taking off.  I think lots of them between all these rocks would be really pretty - if we can't sell this place and move, we may see that.
(All photos by Janet Toney, please request permission before 'borrowing' any photograph.)

Explanations & My Word for Today & Today's Weather!

All my posts from earlier this year have no pictures. They will either have some in a few days or I'll delete them. All of them were imported from an earlier blog which I deleted. When the blog was really deleted, the pictures went with it!  Why they didn't come one over here with their words I'm not so sure! But that's the explanation for so many posts having no pictures, even though they talk about those pictures!

As soon as I've finished my latest story for a writing class, "Bright Creek Shadows", I will, no I may, repost it.  Currently I am rewriting it to send to the instructor.

My word for today:


Today I spray painted four chairs and a table.  A few weeks ago I tore all the covering and stuffing from the seats for the chairs.  I stapled new polyfill batting and new cotton duck cloth on to the seats.  The cloth is blue and gray stipped.  The paint for the table and chairs I picked out actually matched perfectly! The chairs and table are dry and the glass top is back in place and it all looks so pretty sitting on my front deck!

That's satisfaction!

 The weather today is SPECTACULAR!!!  The sun is shinning, the temperature and humidity could not be more comfortable and life is sweet.  Tomorrow it may storm, and all may be taken away, but for today, LIFE it SWEET!
These ferns in my flower bed are ready to unfurl.

(All photos by Janet Toney, please request permission before 'borrowing' any photograph.)