Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FRAGMENTED - the Word for April 27th, 2010

I got this friend, and well she's always got some kinda project goin'.  An' more amazin' is she even manages to finish some of 'em.

Well, really, it's me. I always have several ideas for projects and most of the time two or more are started, and I actually do manage to finish some now and then.

(Warning, don't read the following if too much to do stresses you!)

Current Projects:
1.a quilt top my mother pieced is stacked with fiberfill and a backing, which is a great king sized sheet, and is waiting on me to pin and then tie it.  I don't quilt, I use good crochet thread and tie "quilts", which my mother taught me should actually be called "comforters" as they are generally thicker than quilts.
2. a room full of cloth and slightly used clothing to make into purses and bags also await.
3. as ever, my camera is at the ready, waiting to help me capture some of the beauty outside my door here in the southeastern USA.
4. various and sundry art supplies, my computer, scanner and printers sit, ready to be used for whatever idea comes for something colorful, and hopefully beautiful - not only paintings, but cards, book marks, magnets and whatever else I can think to make.
5. a story is nearly, ready to send to my writing instructor, and numerous books, articles and etc. are stacked by my favorite chair in the living room so I can read whenever I sit down to rest from some more strenuous activity.  (And the "dictionary" which surprised  me because it turned out it was an "English / Spanish" Dictionary was recently returned to the shelf and a "regular" Dictionary is now in the stack!)
6. a closet full of photographs and more photos stacked next to the computer, are waiting to be scanned, altered, edited, have type added and printed for special albums - or you could call 'em scrapbooks, for each of my three children - for Christmas? IF I'm organized enough to get THAT done! Some pictures I've rejected as not perfect enouhg, are from a project just finished, and are ready to be sent in the mail to my family.
7. an idea to cut off pants legs and shirt sleeves to make them more suitable for twearing in the desert southwest this fall.
8. determination of get my hair cut and permend.
9. list of people, and personal things I want to pray about everyday, at least once.
10. desire to read from the Holy Bible more often than I've done.

Craft/Guest room full of sewing, grand babies's framed art, quilt to tie, and etc.
Five foot by five foot storage cabinet full of cloth, sewing books and sewing notions.

All I can think of right now; probably more.

Recently Completed Projects:
1.a few of those family photos were scanned, altered, edited, had type added, printed and framed as a gift.
2. the metal table and chairs on my deck, seats stripped of old covering and recovered, and metal spray painted in a co-ordinating color, glass top cleaned and the runner washed and replaced on the table. (Talked hubby into painting a glider my father made years ago, and he also painted two rockers; all for the back deck.)
3. a small wildflower bed weeded, enriched with potting soil, seeded, AND the plants are popping up!
4. several little paintings by the littlest grand daughter matted, framed and ready to go back to her Mom in Arizona.
5. lots and lots of stuff sorted and placed in the "possible garage sale", "for the camper", "display" and "store" categories.
6. the camper cleaned out and many new and old items packed for our return out west.
7. rooms rearranged to accommodate my craft, art and writing supplies in an orderly manner, so when people come to see the house (it's for sale) it will look OK, and I can still work on whatever I'm inspired to.
8. six paintings displayed for sale in two real estate offices, and their places on my walls filled acceptably for "lookie Lous" to see.
9. new email addresses in anticipation of getting to sell the house, which meant changing this blog.
10. prayers being said before I sleep for sure if not other times.

Small sewing notions and bits of cloth organized and stored.
Bags made last fall all hung in one spot.
Framed "scrapbook" photos framed and ready to give.
The wildflowers just beginning to come up by our back deck.
The patio furniture all painted white.

See, FRAGMENTED.  My brain is cluttered and over active.  If I taxed my body the same way with exercise I'd be a size 2! 

And the fool proof indicator my fragmentation is threatening to actually split - the inside of my purse!  If everything is really, really, messy, I know ... it's time to stop and regroup!

The word for today is FRAGMENTED.

(All photos by Janet Toney, please request permission before 'borrowing' any photograph.)

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  1. Wow. Amazing. I'm tire after reading this - smile. You are a busy woman and so creative. Thanks for the post. Maybe it will inspire me.