Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mental health thru art!

Mental health thru art!

I have it on good authority this program will be available in Yuma, Arizona very soon.

When I lived in Yuma I owned an art gallery and I'm proud to tell you I hosted art shows for the local mental health organization two years in a row.

The first show was for a group called NARSAD and the art was nothing less than spectacular! They took the show all over the USA. The show I hosted was the first in Arizona.

The second year the show was a photo display featuring mentally ill persons and their families. Their stories were included with the photographs. It was more educational then artistic, but very worthwhile.

"Google" NARSAD to see the art and find out how you can purchase it for your own enjoyment and also help a fine organization help some people with mental illiness.  There are blank greeting cards and other affordable art products to order from NARSAD.


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