Monday, April 26, 2010

Word for Today, April 26th, 2010, Gloomy


Today's weather is cool, wet, not very bright and my mood for most of the day has been a match.

Beginning from the time I awoke this morning "gloomy" came to mind. My husband had places to go that didn't include me. The only items on my "to do list" were laundry, dishes and etc. which I do most every day. But, there's always something on the shopping list, so I decided to just go on down the mountain to town and get both of them! 

So,  after putting a load in the dishwasher, and one in the washer, I made myself presentable, took the old nail polish off my nails because it was bothering me, gave the dogie a few pats on the head and I was off down the road. I got to where the road starts down the mountain when it stuck me ... I might not have turned the curling iron off and I knew I didn't unplug it. It was too much for me. I had to turn around and go back to be sure.

The dog was very happy to see me back so soon and took up his spot right in front of me so I couldn't walk, his nose in my hand hoping I had a treat for him.  After a few pats he moved out of my way and I hurried inside.  The curling iron was off.  I wasn't sure if I was glad or just more irritated.  But, I unplugged it and went back out.  Patting the dog again I resumed my trip to town.

Rusty, yesterday, demonstrating what he does when I say sit.

It was, as it always is, beautiful outside and the drive lightened my mood significantly.  It wasn't long before I even forgave my husband for having things to do and called him on my cell.  His morning hadn't actually gone as he'd hoped and he sounded gloomy now.  That helped my mood, I'm ashamed to say, and so I asked if he'd like to meet for lunch.  He left 'where' up to me, as usual, and as usual, I picked someplace I knew he loved.

It was two hours before our lunch date.  Time to do the shopping.  It seemed a good idea to begin at "Big Lots".  Always a fun place to look around and for nice deals more often than not.  Today I found several great bargains.  A set of oh so cute flatware really tempted me.  Fun little circles were engraved on all the handles, making them look happy to me.  I could have used them in our camper this winter, but I talked myself out of them.  At the check out with the bargain I was unable to talk myself out of, I learned about and signed up for, their preferred customer program.  Spend $20.00 on each of three visits to the store and I'll get 20% off the next purchase!  That'll work.  And my mood was another shade lighter.

Just time enough before the lunch meeting to stop by a grocery store.  Found an apple pie (my husband would be appreciative) a roasted chicken that would make supper quick and easy and several other things we needed.  Thought about lunch out and an easy-to-make supper, and my gloomy mood was all but vanquished.
We met; we ate too much.  It was good, and cheap.  This place has three special entrees every day, each of which come with three veggies, bread and butter, a drink, and desert for $5.99!!!  Now I wasn't gloomy anymore, I was full and sleepy!

Gloomy .... defined, erased, and replaced.  Now, for that nap.

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  1. I'm glad your gloom left you. Sometimes my days go like this, but yesterday for me was a pleasant day. Charles stopped by and visited with Danny as I was on my way to Hotsprings. Enjoy your day!