Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Bluegrass" is Today's Word, May 22, 2010


This evening we went down the mountain for a Grand Opening.  They had free hot dogs, chips, homemade cookies and cakes, plus soft drinks.  The hot dogs, were the long ones that cover the entire bun, and were cooked on the grill, not boiled.  These folks had something simple but also nice to introduce themselves to the community.  

The store seems to be a one-stop-shopping business.  Collectables, of all kinds, vintage clothing and more were out for sale.  The building will also have a flea market section with rented spaces.  At the far end of the building will be hardware, building supplies, and assorted rummage. 

In addition to all that, they plan to have live music every other Saturday evening.  This evening they had a group called the 'Green River Boys' playing bluegrass and assorted old country music, which is very much a part of this area's past and present.  It was quite enjoyable.  The 'boys' were from 79 years young and younger.  Their lead singer said he was the only one born after World War II, and my guess would be he was mid forties or early 50s.  They were pretty good, seniors or not.  And all were humble, unassuming and genuine.  

Most of the people attending were extended family.  Many of the area's population have lived here for generations.  We were surprised to find a couple who were newer to the mountain community than we are.  Might have made new friends; we exchanged names and numbers.

It was an evening of 'Bluegrass' music, complimentary food, and great country folks! Hope your evening was pleasant as well.  


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