Wednesday, May 19, 2010



Downsizing is a subject on the minds of many folks my age.  Taking care of a large home and yard begin to not only wear us out faster but the time comes when a person wonders why spend so much time cleaning and mowing instead of visiting friends, eating at restaurants and having fun!

Actually my husband and I enjoy taking care of our home.  But we can see the day is coming when we will no longer be able.  So we have our home up for sale.  It's not looking like we will be able to sell it any time soon, but we aren't especially in a hurry; we can wait.

There are a few decisions we have already made.  He has begun to clean out his tools in the garage.  He's sold some and given away some.  We have both begun to clean out our closets and drawers regularly.  We've gone thru some household items and allowed a friend to sell them for us in a flea market.

I am planning to go thru all my photographs.  I'll sort them for my three children.  I'll make each of them a binder full of photos, similar to a scrap book.

Another plan is to set out things I can let go of now so my children can choose what they'd like to have.  When my husband and I do pass on each one of them will already have at least a few things they really want.

Something we hope our children and grand children will be sensitive to is how emotionally charged getting rid of our things may be for us.  It is admitting our mortality, and it's removing the familiar, which is usually very comforting to most people.

Not everyone will have to downsize.  Some will be fortunate enough to remain in the homes where they've lived most of their lives.  They will be able to pay for help or will have someone living with them to share the responsibilities.  These are indeed fortunate folks.  

Many of us will be downsizing and moving into smaller quarters.  It's something we ought to plan out so when the time comes we will be less stressed.

Downsizing is the word for today. 


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