Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1. 2010 Word of the Day, Bargains


I'm writing on the 2nd, as fast as I can.  A horrific storm is causing destruction and chaos a few miles north west of us and is heading our way.  Hoping to get my thoughts together fast enough to post yesterday's and today's words.  It's also keeping me a bit calmer than I might other wise be.  Of course my husband is really worried.  He turned on the weather channel for me, and went to sleep!  Hum.  Suppose I'm to worry for the both of us.

Beautiful "pink-in-the-morning sailor's warning" cloud yesterday
taken on a quick stop before heading to my daughters.

OK, time to get back to my daily word.

The word was bargains because my daughter and I went shopping yesterday.  I drove the three hours up to her place for an event at her church.  It didn't come to be, so our plan B was to shop!  We were rewarded.

A Super Walmart near her home has a nail salon so she could get her nails done for next week.  She did that and I scouted the ladies department.  Much to my delight there were a couple of racks with big signs on top that said $1.00!  Everything on those racks was just one dollar!  Blue jeans, dress pants, and all manner of tops etc.  I picked thru them and found a couple sweaters and proceeded thru the department.

"Say, where'd you get those sweaters?  Were they on sale too?",  a lady coming my way asked me.  I told her and looking inside her cart I saw a large stack of clothing.

"I picked these up from those two, dollar racks in front of the department.  Where did you get those?"  I asked, becoming more excited.

"All back in there, they have several racks and shelves and everything is one dollar."  She said pointing the way for me.  "If I can't wear them my girls can."  She added.

"Right, we could use them for dust rags for that price!"  I said, and we both laughed.

I zeroed in for the kill.  Um, tops to fit, and that I liked, and jeans!  Great. Just what this woman needs.  Soon I'd found four outfits, for eight dollars!!!  Very fun.

My next move was to go tell my daughter.  She was nearly finished in the nail salon, and was happy to hear about my wonderful find.  It felt like we had struck gold.  It wasn't long until she joined me and she too found tops and pants, a swimsuit cover-up, and ladies swim suit pants as well as a pair of shorts.  The store clerks were putting clothing out non stop for about an hour. 

We left there with four large bags full of absolute treasures.  From there we went to lunch and then more shopping at a Big Lots that was having to move out of it's building to make way for a Sam's Club.  Everything in the store was 30% off, unless it was 70% off.  That was a fun place as well.  We both filled another couple bags.  

This was exhausting work, so we went home for a nap.

In the evening we went to a cook out at the home of friends from their church.  We went and enjoyed some beautiful weather, great burgers, and relaxed visiting before my daughter and I left my son-in-law to watch them build a bonfire, and set off fireworks.  She and I went to see a movie, but we were too late for the beginning so we went on to her house. 

Of course, we flipped on the TV as we came in the door.  She channel surfed a bit, and when she passed the weather, I asked if she'd go back and I could see how wet my trip home might be today.  The weather man had been calling for rain all week.  To our surprise they were reporting tornadoes in Arkansas and severe weather, with massive flooding in western and central Tennessee!  My destination, as you know, was East Tennessee. 

The original plan was for me to stay until after church today, but I decided to come back home and beat the storm, rather than waiting and maybe not be able to come home for several days.  The drive wasn't bad and I arrived here close to mid night. 

I waited to show my husband my bargains until this morning.  I think he appreciated that, a lot.

The word for May 1st, 2010 was "Bargains".

(All photos by Janet Toney, please request permission before 'borrowing' any photograph.)

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