Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Patience' is the word for May 12th, 2010


Today I am trying to have patience, with my computer and printer and myself.

Computers and printers are great, when they work!  Today each has had a few hic-ups which have stressed me.  Thankfully the two them have worked well enough so I have finished printing a few blank greeting cards with pictures from my friend's yard.  I wrote about her a few days ago.  The cards are for her, as a thank you.  They (finally) turned out very nicely!  I can give them to her at church on Sunday, or maybe tonight.

The photographs today are the ones I've used for the cards.  I've printed 8 sheets, which make 16 cards.  I hope you enjoy seeing them.  Posting them here was another test of my patience.  Since they are all in place and look pretty good to me, and I didn't break anything or yell at my husband, I think I passed the test .... so far.... today!

Patience is the word for today.

May we all have patience with each other and life.

(All photographs are by Janet Toney,
please aks permission before 'borrowing' an image.)


  1. These picture are just absolutely beautiful. Are you a professional photographer?

  2. Thanks Alonia, I have sold some of my photography before, but I don't work at selling my pictures. It is rewarding when they are enjoyed however!