Thursday, May 20, 2010



Today, and I might put it off until tomorrow, but probably I can do it now: today's word is procrastination.

Do you put things off?  I think I might, but, I like to call it rescheduling. 

For an example, today my plan was to put off until tomorrow cleaning the garage.  Then after lunch I thought I might reschedule it for this afternoon, but so far, I think I might stay on schedule instead!

Being able to reschedule is a luxury I forget my husband and I have since he retired and all the kids grew up. All three of them and their families are hours away.  And in fact, one daughter and her family are hours and hours and hours away! That's why, it's good to remind myself of these blessings, 'cause sometimes, it's lonely without family near. 

Being able to postpone, reschedule or rearrange the times to do things until we want to do them (and thus, not have to admit we are procrastinating) is a very nice thing.  I ought to think about other blessings of being just the two of us again.  Think I'll do that tomorrow.

The word for today is procrastination.


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