Thursday, May 6, 2010

The word for May 6th, 2010 is DIET but Please, don't say DIET!

The word for May 6th, 2010 is "DIET"

Don't Say DIET!

Really, don't say Diet.

As soon as I hear that word I want to run see if there are any cookies left in the jar or ice cream in the freezer!

About Diets
Life Style Changes

Weekly meeting plans worked for me.  Regrettably, for me, the meetings became a bore and a chore.  What I found was the meetings were good IF: when the leader was good, the other attendees were kind, supportive and not too talkative and we could afford the weekly outlay of cash.  There were recipes given out at nearly every meeting.  Weight loss was rewarded with encouragement from the leader and group, and special little gifts given for losing 10% of your body weight, 10, 20, 30 etc. pounds and for continuing to stay with the plan over time.

Pills allowed me to lose a few pounds.  There were side effects.  My first experience was with amphetamines.  When I took them I talked a lot.  I had grand ideas of things I might do, although my ideas were never outlandish.  I didn't believe I could fly, or that i was invincible or etc.  Had my personality been different I wonder if I might have had more worrisome thoughts. 

Diets which drastically restrict foods always worried me.  According to creators of these diets, severely limiting the intake of foods for long periods of time was inadvisable.  Even when supplement pills were a part of the plan, the amount of time recommended these plans was limited to one or two weeks.  Pounds came off, however, returning to a varied and more natural diet caused them to return. 

Increased exercise worked.  I lost pounds and inches when I was a teenager by walking miles to school and to work, roding my bicycle regularly and running just to be running.
Later in life I reversed limiting my steps, as I learned to do when the children were little so I could get everything done.  Instead, I made several trips up and down my basement stairs, or around my house; one trip for each task. I used the steps, rather than the elevator.  I parked farther out from whatever store or office I had to visit. 
Now, I'm older, I have arthritis in my knees which limits my activity.  Calories aren't burnt up as fast as in my youth.  And now, I have to limit my steps.  I cannot climb stairs all day because the next day I will have to spend more time sitting, and negate all that painful exercising. 

My Conclusions

Limit portions of food and especially calorie loaded foods. 

Move as much as is prudent for you.

Stay hydrated - drink more water.

Eat fiber rich foods.

Get enough rest.

Worry more about feeling and being healthy than about the numbers on the scales.

As in most every aspect of life, weight control is a balancing act. 
Eat, drink and enjoy, but not too much, and, please nobody say "DIET!"

 (Painting "Coffee Break" by Janet Toney,
please ask permission before 'borrowing' this image.)

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