Monday, May 10, 2010

Yesterday, May 9th, 2010

Yesterday was not only Mother's Day, it was my son's birthday; his 40th birthday to be precise.

My husband and I loaded up our little camper and drove the 7 or so hours down to his house for a surprise birthday party his wife had planned for him.  Quite an affair, beginning with a great meal at a nice steak house. 

His two daughters were there, one with her husband, one with her boyfriend. The guests included my husband and I, our son's father-in-law, his wife's best friend from school days, his best friend from school days, and several friends from church in Virginia, and from there in North Carolina.  We drove in from Tennessee, some flew in from Texas and Arizona.  All enjoyed seeing him totally surprised.

The activities included the dinner on Friday evening. 

Saturday afternoon there was a competition.  Two teams navigated an obstacle course with a tricycle ride, a football toss in the clown's mouth, and a squeeze thru an inflatable door into this inflated thing for a run over the inflated rubber, a climb up the inflatable rubber mountain, and then a slide to the bottom which was the finish! 
My husband guided the tricycle-rs, the father-in-law cheered, daughter-in-law's friend was the organizer of the teams, and I was the photographer.  Everyone else was a competitor! 

Then in the evening we all went to the beach!  It was wonderful because it was much cooler there!  The wind was blowing quite hard but I, for one, didn't care.  It felt absolutely delicious!  It was a bit cool to get wet but it was perfect for strolling along the sand barefoot!  The tide was out and the sand was packed hard, so walking wasn't so difficult, and shells were lying on top of the sand waiting to be picked up.  The other absolute pleasure was the sunset!  

If you've seen any of my blogs you know, photographs are next!

The Sunset

Two of a Kind - Reminiscers of High School Football Days
(My baby boy and his friend.)

Sunset at the Beach

The Sand and Shells
(I found one I think looks like an angel wing! and another one broken into a heart shape.  My grandson-in-law found a perfect letter 'A' in coral!  Silly and simple times are best!)

Perfect Evening at the Beach

(All photos by Janet Toney, please request permission before 'borrowing' any photograph.)

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