Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fairy Godmother Where Are You?

Sometimes I wish for my Fairy Godmother to show up.  My Prince and I need some help.  Oh wait, maybe all Fairy Godmothers can do is be matchmakers.  Oh well, don't need THAT!  Been married to my Prince for, ahh, a LONG time.

Maybe it's a winning lottery ticket I really need because the past few weeks my Prince and I have spent more money than we've taken in.  

Near the end of May a cousin of mine passed away.  He lived seven hours north of us in our home state.  Between my husband and I, we have a 'ton' of relatives there, and some dear friends as well.  We decided it was time for us to go, attend the funeral, and visit family and friends.  That was the first drain on our finances.

As soon as we returned home we had family come for the first cook out of the year!  Plus, we brought my husband's niece home with us. It was fun to have her, although she grew bored with us old folks.  We went shopping twice, to the movies twice, to a live show once and out to eat many times. 

 All month it's been raining at night or in the morning and the sun shines in the afternoon.  The grass is very healthy!  The lawn mower broke.  It turned out, the store wouldn't give my Prince the parts to fix the lawn mover, no, they wanted money. 

One of our grand daughters graduated high school, and a niece graduated college.  Our oldest and her husband celebrated their 11th anniversary, it was my sister's birthday, and our littlest grand daughter's 4th birthday.  Cards and checks were sent.

And we had to license, and insure all three vehicles.

But, Direct TV sent us a card saying we can see pay-for-view-movie free for the next three months!  I think money off the bill would have been nicer.

It seems the harder we try to get ahead the farther behind we fall, at least this month that's been true.  I suspect many people can relate.

So, since my luck at picking winning lottery tickets isn't so good, if any of you see a Fairy Godmother with time on her hands, no matches to make, see if she might come turn some rags into riches for us!  Maybe she can help you too.  If we are all nice to her, laugh at her jokes and compliment her on how well she treated Cinderella or something, she might want to help us! 

On being less well off than we'd like:
'If the Devil danced in empty pockets,
he'd have a ball in mine!'
Don't have a pot to pee in,
or a window to throw it out of.
Don't have two nickles to rub together.
Champagne dreams, and
beer pocketbooks.

Poor as a church mouse.
If it weren't for bad luck,
I'd have no luck at all.

Of course, we aren't starving.  Actually we are very fortunate.  My Prince is able to get odd jobs to supplement the retirement income, we have an affordable home, newer vehicles (and monthly payments), and so far, we've been able to visit each of our three children, who live all across the US, at least twice a year!

Thanks is given to God for the many blessing we still have.

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