Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Us, Life's A Puzzle

Today we had several thunderstorms.  Each time the air became still, the humidity extremely high, and the temperature out doors stifling.  Then the storm.  The heavens rumbled and roared, and the rains poured down.  It filled the creek and ponds and made streams which flowed down from the hill behind our house. 

And each time the rains came, the temperature dropped.  When the rains stopped the air felt fresh and cool for a few minutes.  Soon the temperature became hotter, and the storm returned.  

The last storm of the day just before dark again caused the temperature to drop.  Now the sky is dark, the air coming in through the door is cool, damp and sweet smelling.  It's a beautiful ending for the day.  Today, here, we were blessed.

In the last few days excessive rains have caused great floods in some places, and people are being tested. 

This home our creator gave us, this earth, both nurtures and kills.  We need rain, but not too much rain.  We require sunshine, but only just enough.  We need to eat, but not in excess.  We must exercise but not over much. 

To us, life is a great puzzle.  But to our creator, even though we don't believe it or understand it, all things are as they are meant to be.  Praise to the creator for all our blessings and prayers to the creator for courage times of testing.

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  1. Expressed very well! These storms certainly have their own beauty and are a reminder of who is in charge and how all things He created are perfect.