Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bedrooms Redos Finished

     The last two weeks I battled my arthritis, my laziness, and in a way my husband, and I redecorated the two guest bedrooms! Am I bragging, yep I sure am. I am proud of myself and probably more than that, I'm really glad it's all done!!!

     What I did I have already written about in the previous two posts. This post is to show the pictures of my two rooms all done. Are they perfect, no, but they are nice, clean and fresh and I like them. My color scheme is predominately silver and gold, with gray and black

This is the back bedroom. The painting of Christ is by Frank Agresti,
who was my art teacher at the University of Laverne, Naples satellite.
The lamp is old and I love it. The white flowers on the back wall
is a photograph, with a large black mat on which I've painted the
same type flowers. The paint on the wall here and in both rooms
is a pretty silvery blue/green, called 'silverberry'.

The back bedroom, my iris paintings,
and a curtain to divide the room from my sewing 'closet'.

Back bedroom with the new bedspread and black chair.

The sewing 'closet', a small space that will still work just fine.
I like it!
My purses, which I was making to sell, and sold some,
are hung on the wall to the left.
All my sewing supplies have places to be,
and since taking these pictures
I've put away more cloth and arranged
things so it all fits wonderfully!
I'm very excited about this little space.
It's efficient and hidden away from view.

Front bedroom with a twin and a full sized bed.
My third large iris painting is on the wall.

Front bedroom looking at the twin bed.
Paintings - first one friend's daughter looking
 at a giant sunflower my friend grew,
middle is a painting my youngest daughter made
 in schoolwhen she was about 8!
and the black and white
 is by a Canadian artist who left this
 in my art gallery in Arizona
(I owned and art gallery for just
over three years, once upon a time).

The front bedroom looking toward the full sized bed.
The paintings - on the far wall is a print from
and Arizona pencil artist Glen Powell,
there is a framed card sent to us in Italy by same friends
(who are the parents of the girl looking at the sunflower)
with picture of two elephants, from behind,
an elephant painted on a piano key done by
an artist and friend, Patti Barak,
and the little bitty one of my watercolors,
it's of a button, clown doll.

     That's the end. The rooms are completed and ready for the next company.  The next company are due on Monday and they are those parents of that little girl looking at the sunflower! They are coming from a long way away and this their first time to our home in about 15 years! We are excited!

     Old Arth'r did not stop me, and I don't intend to let him do, ever.

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