Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taking On Two Bedroom Re-dos With Old Arth-r'

It's the fourth day of the re-dos.  We have a three bedroom home, with only two of us.  It's what I wanted, the "Grandma House".  Our children and other relatives come and stay at least one night because no one lives really close to us here. 

The back bedroom doubles as my sewing room.  It has an extra section that used to be a part of the living room before we built a wall.  By opening up a large entry from the back bedroom we made a pie shaped area, with a window, which I curtain off and use as my "sewing closet".  It works.

The first two days I shopped.  My finds are great! 

The front bedroom has a twin sized bed and a double bed.  The total cost for bed skirts, comforter/spread, and pillow shams for both beds, which match, was $35.00!  It was close out sale at our local K-Mart!  The sets also go well with the existing colors in the room.  I also bought a new curtain rod and curtain which totaled, $30.00.  I expect to spend about $25.00 on mud to texture the wall and the paint with primer in it, from Lowes.

Front bedroom pictured after beginning to work on the back bedroom!

The back bedroom has a queen sized bed, a table made from (reproduction) old sewing matching legs, painted black and a chunk of painted wood on top, and a curtain to divide it from the sewing closet.  The Black, gray and silver set which included a  bed skirt, comforter/spread, two pillow shams and three decorator pillows was $40.00 from Big Lots.  Also I bought a black velvet look side chair from Big Lots for $99.00. 

The back bedroom and sewing closet w/five foot by five foot unit.

I have three little shelves on the wall in that room. I painted them, the table top, the closet door, and the inside of the bedroom door a cream color. The divider I replaced as well and matched the cream of the painted surfaces. My curtains for that are always twin sized bed sheets with one single seam on the hem to make a pocket for the rod with a little ruffle on the top. They work perfectly. Mud and paint for that room probably total $60.00.

The three painted shelves.

Yesterday I moved things in the back bedroom and the sewing closet so I could get to the walls to take out all the nails and patch the holes.  This meant taking down some old curtain hanging devices which won't be used.  That was a reach and required my bending and twisting.  Not easy with the arthritis.  My knees were making audible noises as well as screaming to me inside!  Terrible, but...I did it.

This is the beginning of texturing.

The painting of shelves, table top and doors was done.  Most of the furniture and pictures were moved out of the way as well, and I've made the divider, decided which of my paintings to put where and what goes on my repainted shelves.  I even shoved the five foot by five foot shelving unit, full of those little cloth baskets, and all of the baskets full of cloth and sewing stuff, away from the wall.

This morning I started to texture the wall in the sewing closet.  That shelving unit needs to be shoved over more, was also loaded down on the top.  It wasn't working with me, so I decided to unload the top at least.  It was going well.  I have taken three heavy bins down, and there was a little cloth basket on the end.  I thought it was full of light weight cloth or something.  No!  It was full of crochet thread, and about two crochet needles - my mothers, and those needles were in a pretty little bathroom cup.

The pretty little cup in my new trash can sitting on my new black chair.

I just finished sweeping up the pieces of that pretty cup after picking up the two dozen needles.  That's when I decided to take a break and tell somebody my troubles.

Oh, I think there's some crumbs here on my keyboard.  Oh just dried mud falling off my fingers.  Did I mention as I tried to get out of the cramped spot where I was texturing, my butt rubbed out a section of texture.  It did.  So I quickly fixed that before going to clean up my mess.  Had to wait for my butt to dry to sit down.  It's nine o'clock.  I started at seven thirty and came out here about eight ten.  This is gonna take some time!

I'll be back.

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