Monday, August 2, 2010

Organizing Things

Maintaining order in my home goes a long way to reduce my stress.  It's somehow therapeutic and gives me a feeling of control, which I like. 

Another advantage is in time saved.  Household chores go more quickly, because I put things back after I use them and I clean up after myself.  Time isn't wasted looking for things when I need them, because I know exactly where they are stored.  I enjoy the free time this allows me.

Being organized, to me, is well worth the effort.

If you'd like to become more organized first and perhaps most important, is the wisdom in an anonymous quote, 'The way to eat an elephant is, one bite at a time.'

In other words, if it's your goal to organize your entire home, or life, you certainly cannot expect to do it all at once. 

1. Begin small.  Sort one cabinet, or closet, or drawer at a time. 

2. Where to begin is only important to you.  Maybe you have a space that's particularly irritating or that's causing you trouble of some kind.  If so begin with that space or better yet, begin with a part of it.    

3. Allow a reasonable amount of time for each organizational job.  

4. Make a list of all the areas you want to organize. 

5. Mark off each task as it's finished.  This will give you visual confirmation of your good work and you will undoubtedly experience a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

6. Keep your marked off lists to remind you of the progress made.

Following these steps will help you develop the habit of being organized.

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