Sunday, September 5, 2010

Waking up Old

Time does indeed fly by, as we all say. In fact, we say this so much we don't understand how very true it actually happens to be! And how sad it is.

My husband and I are both over 60. It doesn't sound so old to us, but I know it does to our children. And our grand children, I'm sure, think we are older than dirt .

Recently I wanted to relate a story about some of my husband's family and myself when I was a young woman and my first daughter was on the way. Actually I did tell the story. It was funny to me and I could see those special people live again as I relived that time while I wrote.

It fell on deaf ears, and failed to attract even a tiny bit of interest. That was sad to me. I wanted so to make relatives who have gone on come to life for the new generation. I failed and not only that; I realized just how old and maybe even senile I seemed to the young people.

It's as if we wake up one day and find ourselves OLD! That old woman in the mirror is making a mess of my looks. Where did she come from. But when I look in her eyes I see it - that spark, that bit of humor, fun and the mischievous person still in there. She's youthful and interested in life, and each day is new and filled with wonder. Even if sometimes aches and pains push her down, she jumps back at the very next opportunity. She isn't finished. She's ready for the next adventure!

It's too bad the young often don't see the old the way they really are, just personalities trapped in old skins! You and I both have been guilty of not seeing when we were young and now, for some of us, it's already our turn to be unseen.

Well, I think I'll just have to work on this and make myself known, old or fat or ugly or beautiful, I am just a person in this skin here. This skin is not me! You are not your age or looks, nor am I. We are each individual personalities, souls, with endless possibilites! Wake up alive, and forget if your skin is old!

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