Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snow Birding for the First Time, & Thrifting, Again!

I'm here, at the RV park for the winter. I'm officially a 'snow bird'! Never thought I'd be, but 'tis true. My husband is one of two maintenance men in the park. That meant we had to come early and we will need to stay late. So we will only be in our "home" for about three and a half months in the summer.

If you have never experienced this life first hand or known anyone who did, I have to tell you, this is a whole 'nother world. A few aspects of the life aren't but mostly, it's really fun.

So, because we are trying to make a travel trailer home for an extended period, we need to make it as comfortable as possible. In order to do that buying inexpensive items is a good idea. (That way we will have more money to visit the grand daughters who are just a few hours north of us and are the other reason to come this direction.)

Searching for useful items at a low price and because it's-just-plain-fun-to-look-at-stuff, are the whys for a friend, also living in the RV park, and I frequenting the local thrift stores, frequently!

The dispaly shelf for the elephants, although not a thrift store find, is thrifty. It's also nifty! It's from the kitchen gadget section of a discount store. It's a drawer divider. Two sawtooth hangers on either side of the back work just fine for hanging it on the wall.

In addition to the elephant collection my purchases have included a computer desk which is serving as the TV stand, a home for my lap top on the pull out tray intended for a keyboard of a PC, a place for my printer, and storage for computer related things such as paper and a card file of websites I visit.*

For my husband's 'coffee mess' I found a cart. It's solid wood and on rollers, has two shelves and works perfectly. It holds his espresso pot, cups, coffee and etc. He makes espresso for himself and some friends in the park about two or three mornings a week.

Other finds have been a couple of small vases which just match a wall paper trim in the camper, a glass serving bowl (now I can use it instead of the Christmas bowl which is the only other one I brought from home), a beautiful glass cake plate, some pretty little pressed glass bowls, and numerous other small items that help make the camper function better and feel more homey.

My friend who loves to thrift store shop as much as I do, has been finding many great items to resell in a shop she runs. She's also found several pieces of clothing for herself and her husband.

It feels good to buy at these places because not only are we being frugal, recycling and being green but the money generated is going to help others. Nothing but win, win to thrift store shopping. Ya gotta try it for yourself if you haven't already done so!

God bless America! now and forever. Help us to remember God, and the sacrifice of his son, the Christ. May the Holy Spirit comfort us.

*A few years ago it seemed the number of websites that were of interest to me, and that I decided to 'sign up' for, began to grow rapidly.  After several times of not being able to log into one or the other because I couldn't remember the password or my user ID or something, it occurred to me, a card file with that information would be a good thing. And it was. The file works like a dream. If you haven't made yourself one you might want to. Just remember to keep it in a safe place.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thrift Store Shopping, Again!!

I love thrift store shopping, but if you have followed my blog you know that already.

Yesterday a friend and I went to a great thrift store, and it's basically just around the corner! We both had several items picked out in a matter of minutes. The thrift stores almost never take anything but cash, and being seasoned TS shoppers we actually knew that, but being over anxious to get into the shopping, we didn't think to take some.

We talked the clerks into making each of us a stash, promising we would be right back.  I believe it was our enthusiasm that convinced them.  We both had quite a pile for them to hold.

After a quick dash to the bank we were back.  I looked a few minutes more and found three more items, and paid for it so I could load it into my car.  When I came back in she was still busy in the half price clothes so I shopped a bit longer.  I bought several more items!
Two of the items I found on my return
trip and couldn't pass up were these tiny
elephants.  I used to collect elephants, of all
sizes and shapes and made from lots of varied
materials, but, it seemed time to stop.  My husband
and I are getting ready to down size.  Time to let go
of some hobbies, however, these little bitty elephants
were too much fun. And then, it occurred to me I
could still collect if I kept them all this small. 

(That was a happy realization!)

This unique tiny elephant on a thimble is
really tiny!  The thimble is normal sized,
the elephant is about 1/2" long and 1/4 " high.

The little elephant on wheels is about 2"
long and 1 1/2" tall.  He is made of
metal, not sure, but he may be pewter,
but whatever he's made of he is adorable.
We finally tore ourselves away from the thrift store.  My friend said, "Um, would you mind if we went to that antique store we saw behind the bank? I have a little time before I have to go to work."

It was music to my ears, so we headed on over.  The antique store was 'new' to that particular location.  The owner said she wasn't quite done unpacking.  After a few minutes of browsing we were wondering where she would put anything else and what she could have because it looked like she already had one of everything that had ever been!  It was a feast for the eyes.  So many beautiful old things to enjoy.  I found a couple of things for one of my children for Christmas and we each made ourselves a promise to return soon!

Wonder if God knew how much women would enjoy a bargain, and how pretty old nearly-worn-out-things would be to them?  I bet he didn't, not really, and the only thing he didn't know, just because he didn't think about it.  (Hum does God have a feminine side?)

(Of course you know I'm kidding; God knew, he made us the way we are to keep men paying attention.  And some men love bargains and old things too.) 


Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a Day!

Today isn't my best day.  My tummy, my head, my ambition, all not normal.  Just an all around off day.  I managed to drive around the outside of town scouting out areas that might be good to take pictures, but today wasn't the day.  At least this morning wasn't very nice, dust in the air and light not quite right.

That means about all day since I came back from my drive, I've been 'surfing the net' and watching HGTV on television.  I finally got my fill of the decorator shows and went 'surfing the channels'.  That's when 'Misery' came on.  Now THAT oughta cheer me up! LOL

Yesterday I took some shots of a local restaurant that is unlike anywhere, any place! I'm posting them here later today.

The only pictures I took today were a few at a local farm store, and some of the most unusual, and very pretty, bougainvillea plant that is growing in front of the camper next to us here at the RV park.  I'll post them as well.

More pictures to come in the next few days.  I promise.

Jesus keep you in His care.

Pictures of the Day
Bougainvillea with Yellow & Green Foliage,
White & Pink Blooms - Yuma, Arizona

September Storm in Tucson, Arizona

A Series of Pictures of Inside Lutes Casino
in Historic Downtown Yuma, Arizona

Outside the Peanut Patch
A Farm Store - Yuma, Arizona

Years ago I perfected this loga for the owner of the farm and store.
I don't think the farm is still functioning, I'll find out in a few days
when I visit the store during it's regular hours.  Today I was out too
early.  The farm was purchased & begun in 1947.  I've forgotten the
man's name!  I'll find that out too on my visit in the not too distant
future. I was paid something like $40.00 and that was in the 70s. 
The loga is still being used on the packages of peanuts,
other products, & advertising!
I never could make my art pay enough.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Writing Requires Confidence or One Might Call It A Big Ego

As I have mentioned on my blog a few times, I am taking a writing course.  It was fun and more fun at the beginning.  And then suddenly it's turned into a chore I dread!  The course is geared toward getting published which may be the biggest problem.  Truthfully I am too much the beginner, and am not ready for such responsibility.

Some of you will remember I posted a story on my blog some months ago.  A person I thought was my friend, and one I asked to review my story, did so.  She tore into it like a puppy into a roll of toilet paper.  She began her review by calling me Janice, and no, that's not my name.  I'm Janet and to me there is a big difference.  Then she went thru the story very thoroughly. 

By the time I finished reading her critique I was so discouraged I wanted to discontinue the class and hide.  And the slightly funny thing about my feelings are, I'm not so sure she was right about more than a couple of things.  But, one thing was sure, the effect I wanted the story to have, it does not have.  Reluctantly I sent the story to my teacher and he didn't understand the story as I'd wanted either.  So....what a terrible feeling of utter defeat and disappointment.

That feeling is wearing off but it's taking its time!  Now the class is half over and I would love to quit, but I paid good money out and so I won't let it go until I have finished.  No matter how embarrassing and unfulfilling it may be!

Today I have started a story and am getting the proposal for it, along with a sample from it ready to send in as the next assignment as requested.  It's taking all I can muster to write here on my computer with no one else able to see it.  I'm not sure how I'll be able to send it in to the teacher!  Generally I don't pray for such things, because they feel selfish, but my self needs some TLC and who better to give it than Jesus!

May you all have a very blessed day!

If you read yesterday's post you will see I thought I'd have some pictures to share.  I forgot to take my camera out with me.  It is next on my list today: take camera and go take some pictures.  I'm planning to use the activity to de-stress from the morning of trying to write!  Currently I am waiting on a meat loaf to come out of the oven.  The wonderful aroma in here has begun to help me feel better.  It's smelling yummy!