Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snow Birding for the First Time, & Thrifting, Again!

I'm here, at the RV park for the winter. I'm officially a 'snow bird'! Never thought I'd be, but 'tis true. My husband is one of two maintenance men in the park. That meant we had to come early and we will need to stay late. So we will only be in our "home" for about three and a half months in the summer.

If you have never experienced this life first hand or known anyone who did, I have to tell you, this is a whole 'nother world. A few aspects of the life aren't but mostly, it's really fun.

So, because we are trying to make a travel trailer home for an extended period, we need to make it as comfortable as possible. In order to do that buying inexpensive items is a good idea. (That way we will have more money to visit the grand daughters who are just a few hours north of us and are the other reason to come this direction.)

Searching for useful items at a low price and because it's-just-plain-fun-to-look-at-stuff, are the whys for a friend, also living in the RV park, and I frequenting the local thrift stores, frequently!

The dispaly shelf for the elephants, although not a thrift store find, is thrifty. It's also nifty! It's from the kitchen gadget section of a discount store. It's a drawer divider. Two sawtooth hangers on either side of the back work just fine for hanging it on the wall.

In addition to the elephant collection my purchases have included a computer desk which is serving as the TV stand, a home for my lap top on the pull out tray intended for a keyboard of a PC, a place for my printer, and storage for computer related things such as paper and a card file of websites I visit.*

For my husband's 'coffee mess' I found a cart. It's solid wood and on rollers, has two shelves and works perfectly. It holds his espresso pot, cups, coffee and etc. He makes espresso for himself and some friends in the park about two or three mornings a week.

Other finds have been a couple of small vases which just match a wall paper trim in the camper, a glass serving bowl (now I can use it instead of the Christmas bowl which is the only other one I brought from home), a beautiful glass cake plate, some pretty little pressed glass bowls, and numerous other small items that help make the camper function better and feel more homey.

My friend who loves to thrift store shop as much as I do, has been finding many great items to resell in a shop she runs. She's also found several pieces of clothing for herself and her husband.

It feels good to buy at these places because not only are we being frugal, recycling and being green but the money generated is going to help others. Nothing but win, win to thrift store shopping. Ya gotta try it for yourself if you haven't already done so!

God bless America! now and forever. Help us to remember God, and the sacrifice of his son, the Christ. May the Holy Spirit comfort us.

*A few years ago it seemed the number of websites that were of interest to me, and that I decided to 'sign up' for, began to grow rapidly.  After several times of not being able to log into one or the other because I couldn't remember the password or my user ID or something, it occurred to me, a card file with that information would be a good thing. And it was. The file works like a dream. If you haven't made yourself one you might want to. Just remember to keep it in a safe place.

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