Saturday, October 2, 2010

What a Day!

Today isn't my best day.  My tummy, my head, my ambition, all not normal.  Just an all around off day.  I managed to drive around the outside of town scouting out areas that might be good to take pictures, but today wasn't the day.  At least this morning wasn't very nice, dust in the air and light not quite right.

That means about all day since I came back from my drive, I've been 'surfing the net' and watching HGTV on television.  I finally got my fill of the decorator shows and went 'surfing the channels'.  That's when 'Misery' came on.  Now THAT oughta cheer me up! LOL

Yesterday I took some shots of a local restaurant that is unlike anywhere, any place! I'm posting them here later today.

The only pictures I took today were a few at a local farm store, and some of the most unusual, and very pretty, bougainvillea plant that is growing in front of the camper next to us here at the RV park.  I'll post them as well.

More pictures to come in the next few days.  I promise.

Jesus keep you in His care.

Pictures of the Day
Bougainvillea with Yellow & Green Foliage,
White & Pink Blooms - Yuma, Arizona

September Storm in Tucson, Arizona

A Series of Pictures of Inside Lutes Casino
in Historic Downtown Yuma, Arizona

Outside the Peanut Patch
A Farm Store - Yuma, Arizona

Years ago I perfected this loga for the owner of the farm and store.
I don't think the farm is still functioning, I'll find out in a few days
when I visit the store during it's regular hours.  Today I was out too
early.  The farm was purchased & begun in 1947.  I've forgotten the
man's name!  I'll find that out too on my visit in the not too distant
future. I was paid something like $40.00 and that was in the 70s. 
The loga is still being used on the packages of peanuts,
other products, & advertising!
I never could make my art pay enough.


  1. Thanks Kay, you'd like Lutes. It's funny, and their food is good to boot! How are things on the mountain?