Friday, October 1, 2010

Writing Requires Confidence or One Might Call It A Big Ego

As I have mentioned on my blog a few times, I am taking a writing course.  It was fun and more fun at the beginning.  And then suddenly it's turned into a chore I dread!  The course is geared toward getting published which may be the biggest problem.  Truthfully I am too much the beginner, and am not ready for such responsibility.

Some of you will remember I posted a story on my blog some months ago.  A person I thought was my friend, and one I asked to review my story, did so.  She tore into it like a puppy into a roll of toilet paper.  She began her review by calling me Janice, and no, that's not my name.  I'm Janet and to me there is a big difference.  Then she went thru the story very thoroughly. 

By the time I finished reading her critique I was so discouraged I wanted to discontinue the class and hide.  And the slightly funny thing about my feelings are, I'm not so sure she was right about more than a couple of things.  But, one thing was sure, the effect I wanted the story to have, it does not have.  Reluctantly I sent the story to my teacher and he didn't understand the story as I'd wanted either.  So....what a terrible feeling of utter defeat and disappointment.

That feeling is wearing off but it's taking its time!  Now the class is half over and I would love to quit, but I paid good money out and so I won't let it go until I have finished.  No matter how embarrassing and unfulfilling it may be!

Today I have started a story and am getting the proposal for it, along with a sample from it ready to send in as the next assignment as requested.  It's taking all I can muster to write here on my computer with no one else able to see it.  I'm not sure how I'll be able to send it in to the teacher!  Generally I don't pray for such things, because they feel selfish, but my self needs some TLC and who better to give it than Jesus!

May you all have a very blessed day!

If you read yesterday's post you will see I thought I'd have some pictures to share.  I forgot to take my camera out with me.  It is next on my list today: take camera and go take some pictures.  I'm planning to use the activity to de-stress from the morning of trying to write!  Currently I am waiting on a meat loaf to come out of the oven.  The wonderful aroma in here has begun to help me feel better.  It's smelling yummy!


  1. Good luck with your writing assingment; you can do all things thru christ who gives you the strenght. enjoy the meatlaof.