Monday, November 8, 2010

'Thrifting' More and More!

Friends at the RV park invited me to go with them to the Goodwill Store on Saturday because it was half-price-on-everything Saturday! So got myself up and going early, even though it was so tempting to stay in my jammies for a while longer!

Turned out to be worth the effort.

My finds included a vintage crystal bowl, a pretty, and currently very useful crystal lamp, a larger-than-others-I-had skillet, and two old friends! Hadn't seen the friends for a long time, and it was nice to visit with them a little, and I my purchases cost me about $9.00 total! (In the photo below you can see the lamp from Goodwill and the basket from a church rummage sale. In another post I'll tell of other economic finds four of which are also pictured here!)

Previous thrifting trip:

On Friday another friend and I went to a rummage sale at a local church. That was really good value for the money. I think I spent $5.50. I walked away with a clock, two bags of small owl things for my daughter who collects owls, about four vintage glass dishes, a very nice basket for my sewing supplies, a pearl necklace and four other pieces of jewelry (all the jewelry together were $1.10), and a vintage canning jar and lid.

Several days this week:

I've made visits to the Assistance League Thrift Store. This is where I've found all the cute little elephants. The collection is being donated by the husband of the woman who loved them. There were approximately 1500 elephants.

Everyone gave her elephants as gifts, and apparently they all tried to outdo each other! I've collected about 30 of the smallest ones to display in our little camper-home. My collection is entirely from hers. In it I have two thimbles, a little planter, a tiny tea pot, a candle holder, a pitcher and a pendant besides severa; regular figurines. Two of the figurines are on rollers. One is an Indian God (Ganache? or something similar is the name). Others I've seen from her collection were coffee cups, vases, embroidered on clothing, and more.

One day when I was asking the clerks in the shop about this other elephant collector. Amazingly enough, a few minutes later about five of her friends came in. They had just come from planting a tree in her honor at the high school where they had all attended. They had also made a plaque to be displayed so people will know about her and that her friends loved her so much they planted the tree in her honor.

One of the ladies told me their friend's name was Nona. She and the other women had been friends since girlhood. They saw each other once a week for lunch, and called themselves 'the lunch bunch'.  She not only collected elephants for years, she was also a passionate gardener, which was the reason they planted a tree in her memory. She loved gardening and loved her roses best. When her arthritis became so bad she couldn't bend or kneel to tend to her plants her husband made her a stool with rollers to allow her to continue gardening.

The friends said she always gave gifts to everyone who came to visit and to each of them at their lunches. She was loving and well loved. She passed away at about seventy seven years of age.

I love being able to give a few of her elephants a new home! I think she'd be happy someone has them who loves them as much as she did.

Earlier thrifting:

And a couple of weeks ago another friend from the RV park and I visited the local Habitat for Humanity thrift store. At that store I found my tiny little table. In this small space there was only room for a tiny table! When I found it I knew it had been there just waiting on me. It was brown wood and had a tile on top and one on a small shelf near the bottom of it. I painted the brown in the accent color I've been using. Every other park resident who has seen it wants one like it for their little space!

Even other thrift store shopping treasures:

While writing this and looking around my little home thrift store finds are everywhere. An oval metal container with a pretty map on; it is my 'junk drawer' (I don't have enough real drawers), frames for my family photos (I brought the photos via the computer and printed out here) and a small vase from one of my first trips to the AL Thrift Store, and a TV which came complete with remote and booklet!

(OK yes I know you see them, our bingo daubers, in my junk drawer. Well, it's a retirement community! We went to bingo once so far, and as I always do when I'm new and apt to make others who go all the time and seldom win angry, I won one game. A whole $24.00. Guess where I spent most of it.)

(The image on the TV wasn't what I saw when I pushed the button on the camera. Weird.)

And so, that's my most recent thrifting adventures! No doubt there will be more, and more, and more! If you haven't tried thrift store shopping maybe you ought to start!

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