Monday, January 31, 2011

Old post didn't get published - Art: Ink pours.

Thursday we had an art class at the Village Art Gallery in downtown Yuma, Arizona. It was pure fun. The teachers were Norma and Deanie from the gallery, and they are members of the  Desert Artists.

We learned how to do 'pours'.

We sprayed water on WC paper, and dropped acrylic inks, using the dropper in the bottles, into the water. Then we had our choice of how to continue.

We could blow thru a straw to spread the paints, or just about anything else to move paint around. I used the straw like a brush and made little circular lines.

Salt can be used to absorb some of the inks, a sea sponge to make designs and shapes, scrunched plastic wrap laid on the paper and taken off after some minutes to make other shapes, and etc. etc.

It was sooooo much fun. I'm posting pictures of two of mine that I liked best.

The one above was made by:
spraying the water very lightly, dropping only a few drops of ink, turning the page one way and another and then using then dragging the straw thru the inks. The inks were limited to two colors, orange and blue.

The second painting was created by:
spraying larger spaces of water, dropping turquoise ink into the water and allowing it to spread on it's on in the water spot, layering green and a small drop of yellow, drawing thru all with a straw to make branches and trunks.  I also used to straw to pull some color off the page for tree trunks, and then .... I paused. The two teachers said," Janet, what do you need?"
I hadn't realized they were watching me that close!
"I need a pencil or pen. Wait, I'll use my eyebrow pencil." 
I used it to make tree trunks, and then I added yellow ink but it was too thick to spread, so I moved it with the straw. Then I made a puddle of yellow and a puddle of black ink on the backing board and dipped my pencil in one and then the other to make more leaves and more branches and trunks.

These are soooooo much fun to make! The two here are the only ones I liked of the five paintings I did, but with some thought I might be able to save the others. I've saved them from the round file until I decide.

Next week I hope to teach the little bit I know to some friends who expressed an interest.

I love to play, I love color; I love art!

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