Monday, January 24, 2011

Where Have I Been??? Well to the Camel Farm of Course!

Well I just realized, I haven't posted anything to my blog for months!
I couldn't believe it myself. goes.

First I believe I should open with a grand daughter 'funny'.
(And it does relate to the rest of the post, really.)

On the Sunday after Christmas my daughter and
little four year old grand daughter and son-in-law
all were going to church with us.

As I headed for the bathroom to get ready
I told my sweet-faced little grand daughter,

"Well I guess I'd better go do something about my hair."

I smiled down at her.

She looked up at me and said,

"Yes, and you'd better get rid of that old face too."

And then, in the middle of the month, I couldn't
stop it, my birth date made me a year older.

So, since my last posting I've aged, a lot it seems.


(Old) Ladies' Day Out

Recently I went with five ladies from my artists' club to a local Camel farm. It's a small place but, so is the cost to get in, & there are plenty unusual and interesting animals to see. It is also easy to get around. All the pens face a fairly large circular space. It took us about an hour to see the camels and other animals and take some fun pictures. Taking pictues was the main reason we came. Some of us will make paintings, or cards or whatever other creative things we can think to do with our photographs.

Our group varied in age from early sixties to early eighties. We weren't at all worried about what a group of oldsters enjoying the animals might look like to others. And then, a young couple with a little child came in. The mom looked each of us over with a smirky smile on her face! How rude! Also how presumptuous. Just because we aren't children doesn't mean we can't enjoy animals!

Luckily no one else in my group seemed to notice. They were too busy discussing how beautiful the weather was and where we'd eat lunch! We decided on a new Chinese place in town. We left in a three-car-train and sped our way to a wonderful lunch and some fun conversations, not all sweet and polite as you might expect from old ladies either! Old people are still just as real as anyone else, if you can believe it. (We are only super nice and sweet when it's our grand babies or great grand babies we are talking to.)

May you have abundant laughter to balance the tears.
May you never forget God loves you, and is only a prayer away.

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