Friday, February 4, 2011

The First & My First Chili Cook-Off!

What would possess a person who really doesn't much like cooking to enter a cooking contest?  Maybe insanity?  Being fearless and able to throw caution to the wind?  It isn't clear, to me, or likely to anyone else, but, that is what this woman is doing. Our RV park's  first Chili Cook-Off is scheduled for early March.  My entry fee has been paid.  Some ingredients have been purchased.  The fresh ingredient list is written and will be filled a couple of days before the contest.  I purchased a bigger crock pot, and my plans are pretty well set.  I am excited.

And, while it's very true cooking in general does not fascinate me.  I have always enjoyed making Chili.  I think it's the mixing of this and that and the relative freedom there is in making a dish which can be called Chili.  The ingredients can be varied.  It feels a bit more like a science experiment; as if, anything, could happen.  In other words it's much more exciting than just cooking a piece of meat and microwaving a potato, or boiling pasta and tossing meat and canned sauce in with it.

My chili will not be especially hot, although it will be well seasoned.  It will have three kinds of beans cooked fresh - not canned, fresh meat, fresh vegetables and if I can achieve all I'm hoping, it will taste fresh.  The recipe is original to me.  I'll be writing down the amounts of each ingredient as it's added to the pot.  Unless I panic, no practice pots of chili will be made before the contest. 

I'll blog about my experiences and I plan to take pictures to share.  Wish me luck!?  Actually winning isn't my goal.  The fun of actually making an original recipe chili someone will enjoy eating is my motivation.  I can't wait.

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