Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Acupuncture, He Got the Point!

My poor husband has been a bundle of pain for the last couple of months. We've found our some things, and had a couple of things done, a shot, some non narcotic pain pills and he was told to rest, never mind the man is a work-aholic, he's got to rest. 

He is trying to rest. I almost hate to hear him say, "I'm not hurting so bad today!" That statement is a warning. It means he's going to find some work to do. At times he is careful and so it's OK. Other times he gets busy and goes full blast and puts himself back into pain. I try to caution him, but I'm not his Mom or his doctor, so he doesn't listen very well.

Recently a neighbor told him about an office with acupuncturists. We got him in to one. It seems to have helped after only the first treatment. We'll be going several more times in the coming days and weeks. It's not as costly as we thought and for that we are thankful. It means he can go enough times to make a difference we think.

I'm having to drive us every place right because if he drove it would aggravate the joints and nerves he's trying to let rest and heal. Poor man. He can barely sit still on the seat because he's uncomfortable. Add to that he's lost control of the car, and control has gone to me. I noticed him yesterday, I think he was hiding his eyes! 

The road we have to take to his acupuncturist is a curvy mountain road with a creek on one side and mountain on the other. The road in some areas is very narrow, and if that's not scary enough, semis have been using the road. It's quite 'exciting' to see a semi coming toward you on such a road, and I'm not exaggerating. See what I'm saying, I really think he did hide his eyes. Funny, but not.

As for the acupuncture I reminded him of all those straight pins I had in my sewing things, and offered to help him. He could give me the money and keep it in the family. He liked that idea even less than my driving us everywhere! Oh well, I tried.

Bye for now, from the winding mountain roads of East Tennessee

May you have abundant laughter to balance the tears. 
May you never forget God loves you & he is only a prayer away.

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