Saturday, April 30, 2016

Marshall, North Carolina Strolling

Today we went to Marshall, NC to look around. It is a very small mountain town (with the closest Wells Fargo Bank, which was why we visited the first time). We liked the place! There are several eateries, a junk store that is called the Junk Store, and an art gallery, with crafts and art, and art center, and one or two antique shops, and hardware stores. The entire downtown is probably three or four blocks total.

Today we visited with a lady in one of the hardware stores. She was a hoot. She had the perfect accent, so we weren't surprised when she shared the store was her Dad's and he'd had it for years and years, which meant she was home. She teased us about just looking around the big town of Marshall. Loved to hear her talk.

They had supplies for bee keepers, which was good for my husband to know as he's going to have a hive again. He's had one before but lost his bees. There aren't many places near by that sell what he needs. They also had Red Wing shoes! My father always wore those because he could get the extra wide width he needed! There was a pair of shoes on display exactly like the ones he wore! Made me miss him. He went to "Heaven a Shoutin'" as the song says, in 2000.

As we were leaving the hardware store, and we heard the lady ask a couple, "So, you're just strolling through Marshall today?"
They said yes and our clerk asked where they were from.
"We're here from Sweden. And, we came here because we heard about your store."
Toooo clever and cute. Of course our delightful clerk loved them!

I took pictures on my phone our first visit to Marshall. And, this is the only one that I have now. Trying to transfer my photos from my phone to the computer, I lost 'em! Very aggravating, since I have about 10 duplicates of stuff I should have deleted!

To me this looks like an ocean scene, with mountains and a cloudy sky. When I saw it from a distance I thought it was a mural, done deliberately. It was not. It's just a wall that the stucco had fallen off of or been scraped off for some reason and patched!
(I am easily amused you see.)

Our first visit we ate at a little restaurant there. We ordered a pizza, half with no cheese (I can't eat cheese, darn it). The lady said she would split the dough, make one regular pizza, and for me she'd make a calzone with everything but the cheese! That was delicious! The woman was the owner, waitress, cashier and cook! She was good at all of it!

So, if you are anywhere near the tiny town of Marshall, in Madison County of western NC, visit. It's an interesting place, it even has an Island!

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