Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Art & Shows 2016

Happy Spring!
It's a good day to begin blogging
and make art once more.

For the last couple of years my creative energy has gone into making quilts and throws for friends and family. It was great fun and I'll share some pictures and talk about, why sewing took over nearly all of my creative time, in a future post.

"A Study of Quilting"
Watercolor Painting


At the beginning of the year I was involved with a Thursday morning art group in Friendly Acres RV Park. The pictures below were the works from the couple of months I attended the sessions. They were in a group show we had towards the end of our meetings. The little blue bird sold.  I'll post larger pictures at the end of this post.


Before leaving our winter home I was fortunate to be included in another art show the Desert Artists had in an old church building, Saint Paul's, in the downtown of the small town where we spend the winters.

There were about a dozen artists in this show. The building was a bit rough looking and a lot dusty. The owner was on site that day. She explained she was having to replace the roof and so had scraped out as much as she could because demo had begun the week before our show. A bit odd, but the show drew a few folks and each artist sold at least one piece. My "Tea and Cookies" sold!

The little lady on the right in this last photo has been in the Desert Artists for some years. She ran a gallery, as I did when I lived in this town, for several years. At this show she and I were talking. She shared her age with me. She is 93! The show was several hours in this chilly building and she was fresher at the end of it all than any of the rest of us. So, don't count folks out because of their ages. Some folks never stop enjoying their lives and do all they can until God calls them home! Norma here, is one of them, and I'm planning to follow her example!
The Art
each piece was done in some combination of
pencil ~ watercolor pencil ~ watercolors ~ ink pen

Prints are available of any image for $10.00 plus postage - $4.00.
Originals of all except the Blue Bird and Tea and Cookies are available.
Most images are approximately 5 x 7 and are framed in simple black frames with wide white matts. Those are $40.00 plus shipping - $10.00 (includes the container and cost to mail) or unframed $30.0 plus postage - $4.00.
The Swan on a Golden Pond, Polar Bear Mama & Cub, Island Girl and Flowers in an Emosssed Vase are all approximately 8 x 10 and are framed as well.
They are $60.00 plus shipping - $10.00 or unframed $50.00 plus postage - $4.00.

If you are interested in any of my art please leave me a message. You can find me on Facebook and send me a message as well.

I will be doing more art similar to these, which will also be posted on this blog. Please come back often to see the new work. My current plan, which I am excited about doing, is a series of swan pictures. 

Janet Toney

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