Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pet Portraits - Next Endeavor This Beautiful Spring!

While wintering in a warmer climate an oportunity to do a pet portrait for a nice lady presented itself.
The photo sent for me to go by. 
As you can see, one pose Asia has her long hair, 
and the other she's been had a trim! 
My watercolor painting of each pose.

 The robin painting, also in watercolors, is for the same lady. 
Her grandmother loved robins so she asked me to paint one.
She said loves it and can remember her grandma 
every time she looks at the painting.

To practice the pet portraits, I'm planning to paint my two daughters doggies.
Of course, I'll be posting them as they are finished.

It's a beautifully sunny day right now here in the mountains of Tennessee, but it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. We will have even more beautiful flowers I betcha!
First Iris to bloom this year, and the first year the snowball bush has had blooms! It is indeed a beautiful spring up on the mountain!

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