Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Art from My 'Set-UP' and Photo of the Set-Up

When I am working the way I believe I should be, I set up my own things to paint, photograph the set up in the best light I can either due to the time of day or with artificial light and paint looking at both. 
The paintings I'm showing here were all done in that manner.

Believe I may still have prints of this one. Orignial Watercolor and Gouache Sold in Morristown by  Carol DeMonbreun.

Origninal Watercolor and Gouache Sold to the Kites.

Original 12 x 12 canvas on board panel, in acrylic paints, sold at the Rogersville Gallery on Main 

 'Coffee 'n' Cookies All Round' gifted to my sister-in-law, Kay. If you are like my brother and you are not sure what the round things with white coming out are - they are homemade sandwich cookies - vanilla wafers and vanilla icing! Not for the dieters. 12 x 12 canvas on board, acrylic painting.

'Stackin'Cups' 12 x 12 canvas on board, acrylic painting, hanging on my wall.

Original owned by my hubby, Charles Toney. This is his favorite painting, mostly because of the subject. All the itmes in the painting are ours purchased when we lived in Italy and the bench they are sitting on is a church pew he saved from the dump while we lived in Italy! It is Watercolor and Gouache.

Original still available. It won third place at an annual art show in Rogersville one year. It's Watercolor and Gouache and it's a big painting. It's 22x30 watercolor paper and matted to even bigger. May be why I still have the thing!

Original is hanging in my house. This is a window sill at our house in Potzzuoli, Italy and the roses were growing next to our door. I loved the light play and that's what inspired me to do the painting.
It is also Watercolor and Gouache.

The Original was painted for David Peterson as a gift for his parents. David brought me the vase and flowers and we went to his parents home to take the photographs I used to paint from. This was an enjoyable painting, although all those little flowers were quite a challenge!

Me, On Art

My favored kind of work to do is realistic, and could be called photo realism. The colors and the way they change with the availbale light always pull me to an image. 

When so much in life is uncontrolable, it's nice to control the image on the page! It's even better when the resulting painting is something others can appreciate.

Enjoy your life. Don't let the ugly and uncontrolable win. 
Find the beauty, it's all around you.

PS Looking back at all of this, I think you might get the idea I like flowers and coffee/breakfast! 

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