Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cards, Cards, and More Cards! Available with my Art and/or Photos!

Any of my art, and most of the photography, you may see on this blog is very likely available on a blank greeting card, sized 4.24 x 5.50, folded, envelopes included. 
I've priced them at 
$1.75 per card if purchased individually
10 for $15.00
plus postage if that applies.

You can have just about any image I've used on a card. You can make up your own message and I can print it as well! 

Good morning, I just wanted to report on my organizational work.

I believe I have been through every drawer, closet, chest, room, cabinet, computer file on my laptop, and looked behind and under every piece of furniture. I've selected things to go to this place and that person and thrown things in the trash. 
I've put everything in it's place. Now, if I could just remember which places I put which things.
Make it a Great Day Everyone
You can order my art by leaving me a comment on here or a message on Facebook.
Thank you All.

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