Thursday, May 12, 2016

For the Love of Pencils - Two New Artworks


Some of my pencils! 
This winter I rediscovered how much I love to draw. 
My process is to make a detailed drawing from the photo and/or set up and then color it in. When using the watercolors and gouache it's the same as when I'm using the pencils. It is so relaxing to me, and quite a thrill when the finished piece turns out the way I want it to.
I'd gotten so accustomed to using water media, exploring other media didn't come to mind. While in our winter home, drawing with number two lead pencil began to fascinate me. I was in a drawing group and the other people were very complimentary of my work, but they began to ask why I couldn't use color too. So....that caused me to consider colored pencils! I had watercolor pencils but had rarely used them. The first few images I used watercolor pencil but when the art started looking really good to me, I was AFRAID to add the water to the pencil! So, I didn't. 

Now that I am back in our summer home, it's still pencil drawings I want to do. I'm using dry watercolor pencils with the other pencils. Did you know there are hard, sharp colored pencils, soft vibrantly colored pencils, sets for portraits, sets of 12, 24, 36, and 48 different colors and lots of variety in graphite and carbon drawing and most common number 2 lead pencils! The great thing, they are not terribly expensive and so......I got me a buncha pencils, Baby!

Most Recent Pencil Work

Photo above,
"Muffin and Fruit Breakfast"
Pencil 'Painting' below.
This picture is so covered with pencil; it is thick and kinda cool to touch it!

Photo above
"Heart Swans"
Pencil Drawing below
 Ready to begin pencil "painting".

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