Sunday, May 29, 2016

Me * me * ME

* Self Portraits *
Different times in my life
 Pen-Mid 60s

 Watercolor-mid 60s.

Colored markers-about 60ish.

Photo of me in front of an acrylic painting I made of me, several years ago. My grand daughter who is 22 now, was about 6 then. She told me my self portrait had too much make up and looked mean!
So the title of that painting was "Mean Grandma". Funny.
I was in my 50s. Grand daughter also said, you ARE OLD!

 Contour drawing technique-Not too recent.


Pencil-In my 40s

 Pencil-HS Senior pic -18

 Watercolor - Oh I was a baby, about 17




Watercolor-early 50s
Just me, myself and I.

OK, young folks, you didn't invent the selfies!
I just prefered to draw mine!


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