Sunday, May 8, 2016

Photo Essay: Spring At Our Tennessee Mountain Home

It's the most beautiful evening. The sun is shining and our irises have begun to bloom. The snowball bush we've had for several years and that my husband has patiently looked after, has blooms for the first time! And, it is loaded with them!

Today marks the sixth day of some kind of respiratory problem I've had. Without giving you the ugly details I'll just say I have felt really terrible. A few minutes ago I became aggravated with myself for giving in to it all, and took myself outdoors for a walk around my house. I took a few pictures I'll share.

All the flowers and plants up here are very healthy, full of blooms and growing well this year. It must have been the perfecty winter and spring for them.

God's creations are so glorious they pulled me out of the gloom.

This pretty little bloom is a 'stray'. 
It is mixed in with the orange day lilies that will bloom in mid summer.  

The first blooms of our snowball bush! 

One of the irises we bought from the Iris Festival a couple of years ago.

The first iris to bloom this spring. I was out a couple of weeks ago!

Some sentimental things.

Buster was my husband's brother and he gave us this tub 
to use for a flower bed.  The azalia bush loves it.
Buster lost his battle with cancer at 47 years old.

The shoes with rock garden moss and hens and chickens were our brother-in-laws. My husband's sister gave us the shoes with flowers as a thank you for helping her mover here from the big city several years ago.
The brother-in-law passed a couple of years ago.

This is a pond my husband had dug and has been trying to stock with fish. 
The little log cabin is the neighbor.

God Bless America

Happy Mother's Day Moms.

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