Monday, July 25, 2016

No Art on Paper Yet - Another Mural

This past week end we visited our daughter and her husband about three hours north of us. Our daughter has been talking to me about a message board, because, friends gave her a can of chalk board paint. It wasn't inspiring to me at first. But then, she asked again while we were visiting. I looked around her kitchen, and there it was. She had some curtains, the border had three different chefs with diamonds in black and white under that. 
First I said, "We ought to make the board with the black and white border like on the bottom of the curtains. 
"OK.", she said.
And then insanity took over and I said, "OH, Susie we could make the entire board one of the chefs!" 
"OK!.", she said.
"The chef could be black for the board and I could just leave white to draw the picture."
 "OK.", she said, a bit confused.

So there it was a simple request turned into a biggie, and a marathon painting project!
It was fun, however, and I hope it makes Susie and Bobby smile and that they can actually use it.
Also, hope the cork and dry erase board we nailed up never wears out the.Because shhhh, don't tell, I didn't paint under it.

The chalk board paint was thick and difficult to control. Straight lines were hardest. It was difficult to get enough paint on the brush to make smooth strokes. Straight lines work best when the paint is not too thick, not too thin, and allows the brush to be loaded with enough paint to let the painter make long steady strokes. 

Good Start!

Completed Mural

It was such fun to paint this, and to do it for my sweet daughter! Spent about 15 hours on it. That was a nice chunk of the time we had with our daughter and son-in-law. Wore myself out! Last night I slept for about 23 hours!

They have two dogs. The one that is still a puppy, was very curious about what this was and what I was doing. I asked him if he was watching closely so he can paint the next mural for them! 

I'm ready to do another one! Really, I guess I'll concentrate on a couple of florals in 8 x 10 for one lady, and pet portrait for another. 

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