Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pet Portrait is Next Artwork

Today I began work on a pet portrait for a lady. The doggie was her friends dear pet, and he passed away. As a gift to the owner my customer wants a portrait of the dog with a "rainbow bridge" and entrance behind the pet.

This is the sweet doggie, a Golden Retriever, named Alley. Haven't quite decided if I will use pencil or watercolor or some combination of media. One thing is sure, this cutie will be a pleasure to draw and paint!

Is this sweet doggie smiling at us or what!?

This is my beginning pencil drawing.
Sorry my camera worked like a mirror,
 making the wording backwards! 

Please check back for more views of my progress!

If he'd been mine, I'd want a portrait to remember him by too!

Progress today. 

This evening I finished the portrait.

I used pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencil and acrylic paint.
Ready to send the picture of the finished painting to the customer.

Made some additional tweaks, and cut new double matt.
He's on his way to Canada!

On to the next paintings.
Two floral paintings, 8 x 10s. Have photos of the flowers to pick from so should be able to begin working next week. That's all my commissions for now.


  1. Great job.....Golden's are wonderful dogs!! We lost ours a few years back.

  2. Thanks. Sorry about your loss. We lost Rusty two years ago. He was half golden and half boxer. Really good dog.