Saturday, July 16, 2016

What, me use paper or canvas to paint on? Hump!

This summer I'm not using my usual surface to paint on!

A neighbor and friend asked me to paint a picture on the old boards from the house she was raised in! Had I known how rought the wood was I might not have said yes. Well, I propably would have, as it's exciting to challenge myself!

This is it:

"The Old Home Place"
Here are details:

Sunflower with butterfly common in this area.
 Sunflowers, Queen Anne's Lace and Chicory
with a Monarch butterfly.
 Weather vane, on the roof, glass paned window, and crows.
Crows are camouflage over holes in the board.
Scenery behind barn and lean-to addition to barn.


After that was finished a man my husband knows from the Honor Guard in our county (they go to the funerals of veterans when asked and give a 21 gun salute and play taps on the bugle), told him he needed a painting done of the American flag.
It was to be in the Veterans Memorial Park, Greeneville, TN. My husband being proud of me told him I could do it and gave him the address to this blog. It seems he like my work as he asked me to paint the flag. I made him a price (that only really covers the paints, but, it is a worthy project) and he agreed.

This painting is on a cement block wall, painted with oil based paints suitable for weathering the outdoors, and possible vandles.

The paints when just out of the can, go on a bit transparent and they are so thin they run easily! It's mid summer so as it gets hot the oil evaporates and the paints thicken up. This is great for a few minutes and then....they won't even spread. I add thinner or mineral spirits to get them back to that in-between stage to be able to use them. As I work at this I keep thinking, "I am such a crazy artsy old woman for even attempting this project!"

Story of a Mural
My Assistant and Husband, Charles
 He taped off the square, primed it 
and painted it witha white undercoating
before I started painting.

 This was July 2nd, all but the lettering was ready in time for the 4th.

 This is the pavillion it's in.
Almost finished.

Finished work.

The Park.

Main memorial.
There are six large stones with the names of the service men and women from Greene County TN, who died in the wars beginning with WWI and ending with Afghanistan.

Inside the circle.

"We will never forget your service or sacrifice."

Soon, I'll go back to paintings on canvas or paper!
Have some flowers to paint and a pet portrait.
May make some cards soon as well.
It's all Happy Work to me!
Janet Toney

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