Monday, August 8, 2016

Painting with Pencils!

 Pencils! Soft leaded ones, in lots of colors!

For no particular reason, than I fell in love with a couple of teddy bears in a magazine picture, I've begun working on a painting of them. I'm using pencils and the more I use these soft leaded wonders the more it feels and looks, to me at least, like I'm painting with pencils. It's great fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures of my beginnings here and then in a day or so, I'm sure I can post the finished piece.

Finished it!

Used white acrylic over the pencil to soften it and add light, and made a pretty good window! So now it's a mixed media painting! but mostly pencil. I like it OK.

Time to move on to the next works. Flowers for a nice lady.

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