Saturday, October 8, 2016

My First Lesson in Making and Using Chalk Paint

This is so me!

Before I knew what I was doing I painted a little cabinet (it's pictured in it's "before" state in the post just before this one) in chalk paint I mixed myself. It came out bumpy and I didn't know why but it's not visible so, left it that way.

There are cut out placed that have woven rattan like coverings attached from the inside on each one. I believe the cabinet was some sort of radio case or speaker box. Found a small hole on one side that looks as if a cord ran thru it. The bottom inside has strange holes as well, so another indication that it was some kind of electrical equipment box.

Here is the little cabinet after I decorated it.

The pictures in the spaces I cut out of a 2013, nice - thick paper, calendar. All but the front picture I just placed in the spaces and they stayed put, so did nothing else. 

This means I can change them as I want very easily and since the cabinet will not be in a humid 
place and we have no kiddos or animals here, they will stay where they are until I want to take 
them out. The center on is glued with Elmers. I thought they all looked pretty.

This is how I am using the cabinet.

That is my computer's printer, and inside I have all the various papers. Just around the corner is a little space at that end of my kitchen with a bit of counter top at desk height with cabinets above. The perfect spot for my computer and a little card file for those countless passwords that will not stay in my head. And cook books and address books etc. are in the cabinets above. As if this little cabinet was made for this purpose and this space.

Since I painted the piece before I watched the YouTube videos on how to make the paint and how to use it, I didn't try distressing the piece. Now that it's done and back in place, I'll likely just leave it as it is. However, just this morning I have leaned a bunch of stuff!

On the videos I found no less than four actual recipes for making chalk paint, and that the name chalk paint is actually Annie Sloan's discovery and name is hers, so some call it chalk style paint. It is a mix of latex paint and some other agent to thicken it and make the paint cover over most finishes without priming or at least with out much prime work. The most common additive is plaster of paris and a bit of water. Some people actually follow the recipe - 1/3 cup p of p, sprinkled into 1/3 cup of water and gently stirred to a rather smooth consistency and 1 cup of latex paint. Others remind me of the way grandmothers make biscuits or cakes, a little of this with a little more of that and a pinch of the next. 

Each mixture can work. The small cabinet was my test piece. The piece I'm planning to really work on is the large chest of drawers, also shown in the previous post. My reason for wanting to paint it is that the poor thing smells like cigarettes and since we don't smoke and never have it's not pleasant. In fact the odor gives me a slight head ache. I have used craft paint to paint some pieces of furniture in the past and this sealed in the odor, but the paint can be cleaned right off with a bit of rubbing. Obviously, depending on where the piece is and how many people are likely to touch it, this can be no problem or a big problem. 

I have learned quite a lot just in this one morning of video watching. It feels as if I went to a seminar, but didn't have to get gressed or leave my recliner or pay more than my Internet fee! Quite nice. It's fun to live now.

As I work on the next piece I'll write another blog and of course post it on my Facebook Page. Follow me if you would like, under my name Janet Toney. You'll see a picture of me (a little bit younger but still me) and one of my fall flowers in a big, pretty punch bowl.

Have a great Saturday.

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