Saturday, March 25, 2017

End of Winter Visitor Season.....with a Recipe!

We have been wintering in a desert town. We came the beginning of November, and now at the end of March it is time to head back to our home in the east, since bad weather is nearly over, we think!

Maybe you would like to know a bit more background. The place we stay is an RV Park, but it is also a Mobile Home Park. It's a family owned place, 25 acres of mobile homes, motor homes, fifth wheels, little trailers and you get the idea. Some are permanent and some come and go every year. As for the people, some with permanent dwellings, still come and go. 

Towards the end of the season, like now, everyone is trying to empty their refrigerator and cabinet of foods that will not last through the summer. Most of us turn off the power and so the freezer and refrigerator are shut down. This means generous snacks at Happy Hours and frequently, full dinners.

We are sometimes called snowbirds. It's a pretty good name. The desert is also on the migratory path of hundreds of bird species; 
    must mean we're the homosapien snowbirds!

Why I cook something I've never cooked before or just dreamed up for a pot luck or for house guests I do not know. But, today I'm going to do it - again. We are having what we all call, Happy Hour, but our snacks begin to be real meals at this time of year. I thought you may enjoy taking the risk with me today.

The "dreamed up" recipe for Janet's Hashbrown Casserole

chop celery,
red and yellow bell peppers

sauteed together in margarine or butter
until the onions are translucent

break up a 2 lb. bag of frozen hash brown
potatoes before opening the bag

open the bag and further break up the hash
browns into a large mixing bowl

add the sauteed mixture to the potatoes
and mix together

open a 14.5 oz jar of Prego bacon flavored
alfredo sauce into a sauce pan, heat over
medium heat just until hot, do not boil

spray a 9 x 13 baking pan with olive oil
cooking spray

spoon or scoop potato mixture into
the baking pan

poor heated alfredo sauce over potatoes

cover with shredded cheeses (I used the
rest of two different types of cheese and
used an 8 oz. bag of shredded mozzarella

bake in 350 degree oven, set timer and
check after 20 minutes bake longer if needed

The goal is for the dish to be hot through
and the cheese to be melted and slightly
browned, I think the sauce will probably
be bubbly and it ought to smell nice!

Pictures of the food'n'folks at today's Happy Hour.

The "Birds" here all said it was good. I think it might have been better with a little more salt, could have added it to the sauteed veggies I think.
Other foods included someone's homemade sausage! Wonderful. Included lots of veggies, beet chips, asparagas and more. Yummy!

No pics of myself and my hubby but everyone else who was there today is pictured here.

Several of our group have already gone home, so we are down 
by about 8 folks!

Beautiful evening in the RV park.Happy Hour/Dinner finished. Hubby has had his evening walk. Tonight he walked to the store and bought his caramel corn. Retirement life doesn't get much better. Good friends, good food, great weather and peace in our little corner of the world. And I, for one, thank God for it all. May everyone of you enjoy similar times, often!

God's Blessings and
Good Evening from Hubby and Me.

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