Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Making Bears and More - Old Folks at their Winter Home

This year several of the ladies here in the RV park learned to make jointed Teddy Bears. I believe, every lady who made one bear, made at least one more. Not the easiest craft but the results were so fun, I'm hoping to continue making them, and may add other toys as well!
Some of us continued painting again this year, and a few made some very pretty jewelry and other crafts.
This post is to show our Art and Craft Show held this past Saturday, the 4th of March, 2016. 

First Our Bears, Relaxing and Watching Everyone

At the right of this photo are two of the hand bags crafters made.
(Please excuse the basket. It had a bear or two displayed in it, they must have climbed out!)

These four our best friends. The large fella on the left of this picture is my friend, Nell Mitchell's, second born and the pretty brown one with the red tie is her first born. Unfortunately Nell has not found names for them as yet. 
The two littler light brown fellas are my boys. Winston on the left and Webster on the right. Winston, although he is my youngest, already knows he's going to live with a good family in Tennessee. Webster, my first, will be staying with me. He's a not inclined to leave the nest.

More pictures from the show.

This was my table.
The two dogs are "Pet Portraits" and the doggies belong to my friend, Betsy. They will be going home to her soon.  As you may be able to see, I have some of my cards out and I have been making refrigerator magnets of recent pet portraits to go with the paintings.

My good assistant (and hubby of almost 50 years!).

My bears, friends' Mom! A good woman indeed.

Rocks Painted by Rose Siwicki

Art  by Andrea; she is teaching Rose.
She painted a self portrait; it's in the center.

The six images above are the artworks of one talented and busy man, I know only are Ross. He made himself a nice studio in his shed.

The above four images are of art by Jean.

Art by Dick.

Crafts by Barb, one of the craft teachers. Her lady giraffe was my personal favorite. She's such a girly girl giraffe, and made from a gourd, so I guess she is gourdgeous!

Really amazing word carved canes. 

Nice artwork, regrettably I do not know even her first name.

Art by Duffer.
His name is the name of the town he lives in!
Talented artist and nice fella.

Jewelry from several talented ladies! All so pretty!

It wasn't a wine and cheese event, but we all liked the monkey bread, variety of cookies, punch and coffee! I baked some cookies. I'll share what I learned. First everybody loves monkey bread, graciously made by Duffer's good wife.
And, you can get 5 dozen good sized chocolate chip cookies from the not quite two pound tub of Toll House cookie dough! The ones I baked earned compliments from folks who thought I had worked all night baking them! I have to admit, Nell is the best woman. She helped me bake cookies. 

I'm sorry to say I seem to have missed a few folks work. Not an intentional slight. There was a lady who has only been painting two years who had a very nice little painting on display and another who learned to crochet and knit who had pretty colored dishrags and holders for your water bottles that kept the water cold! and were made from colored plastic bags. Very cool and prettier than they sound.

So there you go. Old people still busy enjoying their lives and making art and crafty things for family and friends and to sell now and then. 

Never let go of your joy. There is beauty all around you, look for it!

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