Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Other Than Chalk Painted, Furniture!

Since last posting about my experiences in chalk painting, in the fall of 2016 I painted two large pieces of furniture.

This time around, I used "store bought" paint, similar to "chalk paint" but it's "brother from another mother" AKA a different brand. It did not require nearly as much work as my homemade painting. Minimal sanding before and after. Due in part to the fact that each piece had been painted with craft paints previously. And on one piece I simply painted it with craft paint.

This piece is a nice little space heater with a pretty fireplace look:

and, the other piece recently painted was Mom's white and black china cabinet, which upon her passing went to my sister and when she passed, to me. It has now begun, a new life:

both of the above shown pieces were finished with the wax coating used on the chalk painted pieces in the last post.

Here are two smaller pieces of furniture I simply painted with craft paints in the early spring of 2016:

this old stack of shelves was painted with gloss black craft paint, the kind that comes in the small bottles from the art and craft sections of many discount and craft/sewing stores. In expensive but easy, easy to do, and quite OK, at least to me, and maybe to you too! It may have cost me as much as $2.00 in paint, and an hour of my time.
(If you have seen any of the previous post about my art you may be wondering about the little painting above this shelf .... yes, I painted it years ago, and framed it, before the shelf. It seems I, and you no doubt do too, gravitate toward similar things most of the time. So, when it came time to decorate this small mobile, where the furniture I'm showing is "living" right now, all I needed to do was search thru my old paintings and etc. that I'd stashed here and there to find matched stuff!)

The other little piece of furniture is a small table a friend gave me, with the lamp, because they didn't suit her. She inherited them with a used mobile home she and her husband bought. The top of the table looked kind of ugly. It turned out that was because it had already been sanded! All I had to do was use a bit of poly on it and it came to life again. Next I painted the legs with my left over gloss black from the above piece.
See what you think of my hand me down?

The lamp only needed a little cleaning as it was already a dark dark brown.

I love, love, love making my home comfy and pretty. I'll never be convinced this requires great expensive furnishings. You may agree or not, but making the funds available cover what's needed and then making those things look interesing and fun, just makes me smile! Feel free to take any or all of my ideas and make them work for you! 

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